Academic Assessment

2021 Assessment Reports Due: Friday, November 5, 2021*

As a part of the Institute for Teaching and Learning, the Office of Assessment coordinates and supports continuous improvement activities across campus, including academic student learning assessment. All academic programs at YSU are required to annually participate in reporting to provide evidence of their engagement in collecting, analyzing, and acting on student learning data. All information collected through assessment reporting is shared in aggregate form only, and the confidentiality of individual students is safeguarded.

To find out more about academic reporting, please review the Academic Assessment Handbook or contact our team at 

2021 Reporting Details

  • Annual assessment submissions are due by Friday, November 5, 2021* through Taskstream or via the online form (if you have not been Taskstream trained).
  • Programs should continue reporting on their 5-year assessment cycle, with the option to opt into doing an Assessment Plan if appropriate. Check here (accessed with YSU credentials) to identify what your program should report for 2021.
  • If you are scheduled to do an Assessment Update and have not been Taskstream trained, please submit through the online form. All other programs should be submitting via Taskstream. If you are unsure of what you should be reporting, please contact

* Programs identified for the Fall Assessment Bootcamp have a modified submission date. 


Fall Assessment Bootcamp

The Fall Assessment Bootcamp is for regular non-submitting programs. For each program, the department chair and program assessment coordinators will be asked to attend 2, 1-hour long assessment workshops and submit corresponding pieces of an assessment report through the Taskstream System. Note that programs participating in this program have modified submission dates.

Tuesday, October 12 (3-4p) Workshop
  • Entering Program Student Learning Outcomes & Program Curriculum Map into the Taskstream System
  • Outcomes & Map to be submitted in Taskstream by November 12th 
Tuesday, November 16 (3-4p) Workshop
  • Developing Measures & Making a Plan for Your Assessment Cycle
  • Measures to be submitted in Taskstream by December 10th

Academic Assessment Resources

Academic Assessment Handbook: This document is meant to be a resource to those new(er) to assessment activities and a reference to those who have been participating in assessment activities for some time. The Handbook is in two parts; Part 1 explains the steps in the assessment process, including how to write SLOs, select methods and analyze results. Part 2 outlines the reporting elements here at YSU and also includes guides to using Taskstream to submit reports.


On-demand Training


assessment plan in Taskstream

  • Watch Part 1: An overview of how to log in to Taskstream, enter student learning outcomes, a program mission statement, and complete a cycle reflection.
  • Watch Part 2: An overview of how to complete a program curriculum map in Taskstream.
  • Watch Part 3: An overview of how to enter outcome measures in Taskstream.

assessment update in Taskstream

  • Watch Video: An overview of how to submit an assessment update through Taskstream. This is for programs that completed a Plan through Taskstream in 2019 or 2020. 

assessment update (not Taskstream trained) or Teach-Out Update

  • Watch Video: An overview of how to submit an assessment update using the online form. This is for programs that are not Taskstream trained and/or programs identified for sunset. 

program assessment coordinator onboarding

  • Watch Video: An overview of Academic Assessment Reporting at YSU, this video is designed as an introduction for new Program Assessment Coordinators or a refresher for current coordinators. Access with your YSU credentials. Please note that this training video is from 2020. The information/process is the same, but the dates are different. 

Taskstream System Tutorials

Need help navigating through the Taskstream site? Look no further, these tutorials provide step-by-step instructions for some of the most common actions done on the Taskstream website. Tutorials come complete with screenshots and helpful tips about the processes.

  1. Assessment Plan (Cycle Year 1) Guides:
  2. Assessment Update (Cycle Years 2-5) Guides:


Assessment Drafting Templates

Guidance on elements of the assessment process and completing reporting requirements are found in the Academic Assessment Handbook; below are Word formats of the reporting templates for drafting reports. Plan and Cycle Reflection submissions are only accepted Taskstream AMS. If you have not been trained in Taskstream, assessment updates for 2021 are to be submitted using the online form.

Assessment Archive

Academic departments can access their previous reports and feedback by logging into the Assessment Archive using your YSU ID and password. If you have trouble logging in, contact the Office of Assessment for access.