University Administration

The university administration is broken down into several divisions that reflect the organizational structure by audiences served.

University Board of Trustees

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Trustees Term Expires
Anita A. Hackstedde, Chair 2021
James "Ted" Roberts 2022
John R. Jakubek, Vice Chair 2023
Molly S. Seals 2024
Michael A. Peterson 2025
Capri S. Cafaro 2026
Charles T. George, Secretary 2027
Allen L. Ryan, Jr. 2028
Joseph J. Kerola 2029

Executive Level Members

NAME Position
James P. Tressel, M.A. President
Neal P. McNally, M.P.A. Vice President for Finance & Business Operations
Holly A. Jacobs, J.D. Vice President for Legal Affairs/Human Resources
Brien Smith, Ph.D. Provost & VP for Academic Affairs
Eddie Howard, Jr. Ed.D. Vice President for Student Affairs
Mike Sherman, Ph.D Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness & Board Professional

Division of Legal Affairs / Human Resources

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Name position
Holly A. Jacobs, J.D Vice President, Legal Affairs and Human Resources
Cynthia Kravitz Associate Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer
Gregory Morgione, J.D. Associate General Counsel
David Sipusic Associate General Counsel, Research, Executive Director
Mark Weir, M.Ed. Director, Equal Opportunity, Policy Development, and Title IX
Stacey Luce Manager of Employee Benefits
Kevin Kralj, J.D. Director of Labor Relations
Jennifer Lewis-Aey

Director, Talent Acquistion and Employee Records

Jenn Drennen Director of Organizational Development

Division of Academic Affairs Members

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NAME Position
Brien Smith, Ph.D. Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs
Jennifer A. Pintar, Ph.D., MPH Associate Provost, Academic Administration
Kevin Ball, Ph.D. Associate Provost, Academic Programs and Planning
Charles L. Howell, Ph.D. Dean, Beeghly College of Liberal Arts, Social Sciences and Education
Betty Jo Licata, Ph.D. Dean, Williamson College of Business Administration
Jeffery B. Allen, Ph.D. Dean, Bitonte College of Health and Human Services
Nathan P. Myers, Ph.D. Associate Provost, International Programs Office
Phyllis M. Paul, Ph.D. Dean, College of Creative Arts and Communication
Sal Sanders, Ph.D. Dean, College of Graduate Studies
Wim F.A. Steelant, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Amy Cossentino, Ph.D. Dean, Honors College
Ana Torres, B.B.A.

Co-Director, Maag Library

Christine Adams Co-Director, Maag Library

Division of Enrollment Planning and Management Members

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NAME Position
Eddie Howard, Jr. Ed.D. Vice President, Student Affairs
Elaine Ruse Executive Director, Enrollment Planning and Management
Jeanne M. Herman, B.S. in B.A. University Registrar
Rick Williams Associate Director, Veteran’s Resource Center

Division of Finance and Administration Members

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NAME Position
Neal McNally, M.P.A. Vice President for Finance and Business Operations
Katrena S. Davidson, C.P.A., M.B.A. Controller
Susan Ewing Bursar
John Hyden, B.C.T. Assoc. Vice President, Facilities & Support Services
Jim Yukech Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Division of Multicultural Affairs Members

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NAME Position
Carol Bennett Assistant Provost, Diversity & Inclusion

Division of Student Experience Members

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NAME Position
Eddie J. Howard, Jr., Ed.D. Vice President for Student Affairs
Christy Cameron Business Manager, Student Experience
Erin E. Driscoll Executive Director, Student Activities & Residence Life
Erin Hungerman Director / Assoc. Director Student Conduct
Dr. Ann Jaronski Director, Student Counseling Services
Nicole Kent-Strollo Director, Student Outreach and Support
Joy L. Polkabla-Byers Executive Director, Campus Recreation and Wellness
John L. Young Executive Director, Kilcawley Center
Christine Hubert Director, Undergraduate Admissions

Division of Student Success Members

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NAME Position
Claire Berardini, Ph.D. Associate Provost, Student Success
Bill Border Coordinator, Academic Achievers
Leslie Page Director, First-Year Student Services
Justin Edwards Director, Career and Academic Advising
Amy Gordon Manager, Comprehensive Testing Center
Becky L. Varian Director, Research for Student Progress
Kenneth Pugh Director, Upward Bound/SCOPE

Division of University Relations Members

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NAME Position
Shannon Tirone, M.Sc. Associate Vice President for University Relations
Ronald A. Cole Director, University Communications
Ross L. Morrone, M.Sc. Director, University Marketing
Jacquelyn M. LeViseur Director, Alumni & Events
Gary A. Sexton, M.M. Director, WYSU-FM
Shawn Varso

Chief of Police

Ohio Board of Regents

The Ohio Board of Regents, a nine-member advisory board to the chancellor with two ex-officio representatives from the state legislature, was created in 1963 by the general assembly. Members of the Board of Regents are appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the senate.

Responsibilities of the board include, developing an independent annual report on the Condition of Higher Education in the Ohio, and issuing an annual performance review of the chancellor. The board is also responsible for advising the chancellor on issues of statewide importance affecting higher education.

Board of Regent Member

Regent Member Term Expires
Rep. Andrew Brenner (Ex-officio)  
Chancellor Randy Gardner  
Sen. Peggy Lehner (ex-officio)