University Administration

University administration is comprised of several divisions that reflect YSU's organizational structure and audiences served.

University Board of Trustees

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Trustees Term Expires
Michael A. Peterson, Chair 2025
Charles T. George, Vice Chair 2027
Anita A. Hackstedde, Secretary 2030
Molly S. Seals 2024
Laura A. Lyden 2026
Allen L. Ryan, Jr. 2028
Joseph J. Kerola 2029
Sergul A. Erzurum 2031

Executive Officers

NAME Position
Bill Johnson President
Jennifer Pintar, Ph.D. Interim Provost & VP for Academic Affairs
Neal P. McNally, M.P.A. Vice President for Finance & Business Operations
Holly A. Jacobs, J.D. Vice President for Legal Affairs/Human Resources
Mike Sherman, Ph.D Vice President of Student Affairs, Institutional Effectiveness and Board Professional