Greek Life


Dear Potential Member of the Greek Community,

Welcome to Youngstown State University! Your experiences as a student here at YSU should be among the most memorable years of your life, and we are here to help make that happen. It is our hope that you will become a part of our future and leave a legacy at YSU and in the fraternity and sorority community. Our Greek Life at YSU is vibrant with 11 chapters under three governing councils. Although each council has different focal points, operational structures, and history, there is always emphasis placed on community development, leadership and learning.

We are proud of the many opportunities our students have available to them as they become active on campus during their collegiate careers. Becoming a part of the Greek system is just one of those options but is very rewarding. Membership in a fraternity or sorority can lead to many other exciting opportunities both during college and after graduation. Bonds that have been forged and the brotherhood/sisterhood that has been established last long after your college years, while the fun that has been shared are the memories that will last a lifetime. Our groups excel in academics and are most visible when working on behalf of the many philanthropies that they represent. They serve in many leadership roles on campus, developing their individual potential while reaping the benefits of a group experience.

Please take time to learn about each of these organizations and consider joining one. Recruitment functions and Greek 101 sessions will give you the chance to learn about each chapter and what it means to be a part of the Greek System at YSU. A suggestion throughout the process is to keep an open mind and choose a group with which you feel most at ease. Look at its many qualities such as leadership, character, and brotherhood/sisterhood—then choose the organization in which you share the common ideals of its members. Also, be sure to do your research, attend programs and get to know members of the chapter.

Fraternity and sorority membership is a lifelong commitment—not just something you will experience for your undergraduate days. We look forward to welcoming you into the fraternity and sorority community! 


Carrie Anderson
Associate Director, Student Activities

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