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Attention first-year and senior students, you are invited to participate in the NSSE survey. Enter your YSU email address here to be sent your personalized NSSE survey link, or watch your email over the next couple days for a personalized invitation!


What is the NSSE?

The NSSE (pronounced “Nessie”) measures student experiences in practices known to positively impact student engagement, retention, and success. The survey has ten “Engagement Indicator” scales which are organized into four theme areas. More information on Engagement Indicators.

If you have any questions about the survey, how to access the survey, or how YSU uses the results -- please contact Alison Kaufman at  View past reports below. You can also visit the official NSSE site for information on how the survey data is used across the United States and Canada.


2021 NSSE Data


Past NSSE Data