The Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) aims to support a dynamic and learning-centered environment at YSU. ITL serves full and part-time faculty, as well as staff on campus through workshops, book and podcast groups, consultation, online resources, support for student data collection and analysis, and funding opportunities. ITL values the centrality of student success, intentional collaborations, advocacy for systemic support of teaching and learning, equity and inclusion, continuous improvement and lifelong learning, and transparency.

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Fall 2023: New Resources 

We want to highlight the following new resources to support your teaching for the 2023-2024 academic year. 

  • Lending Library: Introduced in 2023, the ITL 

    Lending Library is a system that allows users to borrow books on a variety of teaching, learning, assessment, SOTL, and professional development topics. An inventory of our library can be found here sorted by topic. 

  • Reciprocal Responsibilities for Undergraduate Students and InstructorsIn April 2023, the Academic Senate endorsed the Reciprocal Responsibilities for Undergraduate Students and Instructors as a set of guidelines that are expected to be the minimum of what is happening in every course at YSU. Review the Guidance for Implementation document for tips, ideas, and strategies for implementing the agreed-upon guidelines. 

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