The Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) aims to support a dynamic and learning-centered environment at YSU. ITL serves full and part-time faculty, as well as staff on campus through workshops, book and podcast groups, consultation, online resources, support for student data collection and analysis, and funding opportunities. ITL values the centrality of student success, intentional collaborations, advocacy for systemic support of teaching and learning, equity and inclusion, continuous improvement and lifelong learning, and transparency. 

We hope the following resources support your teaching:

  • YSU Common Syllabus: In 2021, Academic Senate has approved the use of this common syllabus for all courses at YSU. Using the YSU Common Syllabus template is optional. These ADA-compliant Microsoft Word templates were designed with your students in mind and utilize language and design that focuses on the learner.
  • TEACH Resource Guides

    With the endorsement of the TEACH framework in 2022 by the Academic Senate, ITL created resource guides around each of the five values of the TEACH framework. 

  • Upcoming Workshops: Attend an upcoming workshop or event! Explore past workshop recordings and materials. 
  • Apply for a Mini-Grant

    The ITL Mini-Grant Program provides funds for small projects to help build a campus culture focused on teaching, learning, and assessment towards student success. Project funding can be funded up to $300.

  • Book a Consult:  Schedule to meet with an ITL staff member virtually or in person on a variety of topics, such as Assignment Design, Syllabus Review, or Rubric Development.