Higher Learning Commission

YSU received final notice from the HLC regarding reaccreditation in August 2018. The HLC Peer Review team found that with regards to assessment in Criterion 4B, “YSU demonstrates an ongoing commitment to educational improvement and achievement through assessment of student learning” and evaluated our practice as MET.  With the positive outcome, the Office of Assessment has decided that it is an ideal time to pause and take stock of what has served the institution well over the last ten years and determine where we can improve policies and processes, as well as direction for the next accreditation cycle. OOA spent some time over the summer revising its goals and values. In addition, the office will schedule listening sessions with each academic department over the 2018-19, in order to gather feedback on how to improve support and use of assessment of student learning results. Departments will not submit assessment reports in fall 2018, but will be asked to continue to collect and analyze student learning data according to their existing assessment plans. Reporting will resume in fall 2019. Based on feedback from these meetings, senior leadership, and assessment reports and analysis, adjustments will be made to OOA’s mission, goals and reporting processes.

For more information regarding HLC and the accredidation process, please use the following link