Reading and Study Skills Center

The Reading and Study Skills (R&SS) Center is an academic as well as a service-oriented division of the Department of Counseling, Special Education & School Psychology in the Beeghly College of Education at Youngstown State University. The staff, instructors, and Peer Tutors in the Reading and Study Skills Center

  • provide a variety of strategies for improving college reading and studying.
  • encourage students to choose study techniques appropriate to their needs.
  • help students understand that building reading and study skills provides high returns for their investment in study time.
  • help students improve performance in academic classes.

Services we offer:

Academic Classes:

RSS 1510A - Advanced College Success Skills

RSS 1510B - Basic College Success Skills

RSS 1510C - STEM Advanced College Success Skills

RSS 1570 - Approaches to Professional Assessments

RSS 1571 - Approaches to Professional Assessments/Applications

Student Comments About the Strength of the RSS Courses and the Instructors
(from recent Student Evaluations of Teaching and Learning)

  • Helped me pass my classes that I failed last semester.
  • They helped me find ways to manage time to get each assignment done that was provided for me. Also it helped me improve from last year as a student, in each of my classes.
  • The strength of the course is that it helps me learn how I study the best and in a more sufficient time. It also me helped me increase my reading rate.
  • This course has strengthened my confidence in reading at a faster rate with better comprehension. I think everyone can be smart but this class has taught me that it's more important to apply yourself and not be lazy-minded.
  • This class helped me prepare for more advanced work.
  • This course helped me learn new study techniques and apply them to other courses. Instructor was helpful, understanding and was able to answer questions.