ITL Engagement Metrics

Since the Institute for Teaching and Learning’s (ITL) creation in 2019, ITL has had a notable reach across the university including 838 unique faculty, staff, administrator, and student participants. In the 2021-2022 academic year, 207 new unique participants were served by ITL through a mix of workshops, consults, and ongoing engagement opportunities, such as book clubs. Most notably, 72 new part-time faculty members engaged with ITL at least once in 2021-22. Other signs of continued ITL growth and impact include completing triple the number of individual consults than the prior year, increasing headcount for the third year in a row (962 headcount), and every single academic department having at least 1 new person engaged with ITL during 2021-22. ITL continues to focus on how it supports the Plan for Strategic Actions to Take Charge of Our Future and ultimately student learning and success.

Note: Utilize your YSU credentials to access the annual reports and the participation dashboard.