ITL Engagement Metrics

Since the Institute for Teaching and Learning’s (ITL) creation in 2019,  ITL has had notable reach across the university with 978 unique participants and a total headcount of 3,291. In the 2022-2023 academic year,  ITL continued to grow with 155 new unique participants (817 headcount) being served through a mix of workshops, consultations, and ongoing engagement opportunities, such as book clubs. ITL continues to focus on how it supports the Plan for Strategic Actions to Take Charge of Our Future and ultimately student learning and success. Notable in 2022-2023 was the work ITL took to support systemic effective teaching practices, including the launch of the TEACH Framework Resource Guides and the collaborative development of the Reciprocal Responsibilities for Undergraduate Students and Instructors.

Report Access: Utilize your YSU credentials to access the 2022-2023 ITL Annual Report and the ITL Participation Dashboard. Past Annual Reports are available in the sidebar. Contact for reports in a different format.