Youngstown State University Mission Statement


An Institution of Opportunity: YSU inspires individuals, enhances futures, and enriches lives.

As a student-centered university, Youngstown State University’s mission is to provide innovative lifelong learning opportunities that will inspire individuals, enhance futures and enrich lives. YSU inspires individuals by cultivating a curiosity for life-long learning; enhances the futures of our students by empowering them to discover, disseminate and apply their knowledge; and enriches the region by fostering collaboration and the advancement of civic, scientific, and technological development. YSU’s culture of enrichment flourishes in our diverse, accessible, and quality education.


Youngstown State University is where students thrive in their educational and career pursuits, where scholarship creates innovative solutions, and where community engagement is a cornerstone of collaboration that collectively contribute to the sustainable prosperity of the region and beyond.


We—the faculty, staff, administrators, and students of Youngstown State University—hold the following values essential to achieving the mission and realizing the vision.

Centrality of Students – We put students first, fostering their holistic and lifelong success.

Excellence and Innovation – We bring academic excellence and innovation to learning and life for all stakeholders. 

Integrity and Human Dignity – We root all behaviors, decisions and actions in the achievement of integrity, mutual respect, collegiality, equity and inclusion. 

Collaboration and Public Engagement – We embrace collaboration and create innovative partnerships to foster sustainability and enrich our university, our culture, and region. 

Plan for Strategic Actions to Take Charge of Our Future

The Plan for Strategic Actions to Take Charge of Our Future was finalized considering the collective of the feedback from the campus community and approved by the Board of Trustees on June 4, 2020.

Plan for Academic Actions 


Plan for Support Area Actions