ITL Poster Showcase


The Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) is hosting an annual Best Practices in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment Poster Showcase in conjunction with the Annual Teaching and Learning Appreciation Event (formerly the Assessment Appreciation Day). This showcase gives both academic and co-curricular units across our campus the opportunity to highlight their good work in teaching, learning, or assessment through a poster. A review committee comprised of volunteer reviewers and ITL staff review and score the posters, and a professional development prize of $500 is awarded to an academic and co-curricular poster each year.

On this page you can find examples of past poster entries and tips on creating a poster.

We hope you will participate and share the great teaching, learning, and assessment efforts underway in your department!

Best wishes,

Hillary Fuhrman, Interim Director
YSU Institute for Teaching and Learning

Best Practices in Student Learning
Assessment Poster Showcase

NOTE: You can access electronic copies of poster submissions by logging into the Assessment Wiki using your YSU ID and password. If you have trouble logging in, contact the Office of Assessment for access.



  • Incorporating Technical Standards Education into Existing Engineering Materials Course Structure - Janet L. Gbur, Mechanical, Industrial, & Manufacturing Engineering -First Place, Academic Poster

  • The Personal Change Project: Building Student Consultation Skills - Kathleen Aspiranti, Counseling, School Psychology, & Educational Leadership


  • Proactive Advising with CLASS: Creating Lasting Academic Student Support - Jennifer Soles & Molly Burdette, CLASS Dean's Office Advising -First Place, Co-Curricular Poster


Other Poster Reports Featured


Academic Entries

  • A Different Approach to Math for Students Who Don't Need Algebra - Lori Carlson, Julie Seitz, Lance Williams, Susan Mark-Sracic, Mathematics and Statistics, Center for Student Progress - First Place, Academic Poster
  • Assessing Student Satisfaction with Recorded Lectures in Online Courses - Monica Merrill, Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences
  • Eight Great Examples of Social Activism in the Classroom - Michelle Nelson, Art
  • GENI: A Knowledge Assessment and Skill Measurement Approach - Swetha, Yelamanchi, Computer Science and Information Systems
  • Gradarius: Bridging Calculus, Technology and Student Learning - Jessie Jones-Canter, Lance Williams, Mathematics and Statistics
  • How Improved Mathematics Placement Can Improve Learning and Student Success - Julie Seitz, Lance Williams, Lori Carlson, Susan Mark-Sracic, Mathematics and Statistics, Center for Student Progress
  • Students' Expectation and Satisfaction of New Technique Adaptation in Foodservice Education: Using Sous-vide, Jay Lee, Human Ecology
  • Understanding the Role of a Consultant through Personal Change - Kathleen Aspiranti, School Psychology
  • YSU School Psychology Program Internship Assessment: A Comprehensive and Standards Based System - Richand VanVoorhis, Alanna Bebech, School Psychology

Co-Curricular Entries

  • The ALEKS Pie: Not Your Average recipe! - Irene Larbi, Lance Williams, Jonathan Sandoval, Math Assistance Center First Place, Co-Curricular Poster
  • ABCs vs. DFWs: The Alphabet Soup of Student Success - Lance Williams, Lori Carlson, Julie Seitz, Susan Mark-Sracic, Tyler Johnston, Math Assistance Center, Center for Student Progress
  • Benefits of Assessment at Campus Rec - Enzo Recchia, Ryan McNicholas, Joy Polkabla Byers, Campus Recreation
  • GRE Prep-A Methods Based Approach - Angela Messenger, Lance Williams,The Writing Center, Math Assistance Center
  • I'm Not a Math Person: Shifting Beliefs for Success in Mathematics- Susan Mark-Sracic, Becky Varian, Robin Sakonyi White, Lori Carlson, Lance Williams, Julie Seitz, Rich Goldthwait, Center for Student Progress, Math Assistance Center
  • Measuring Student Satisfaction at the Math Assistance Center: More of an Art than a Science!*- Irene Larbi, Lance Williams, Math Assistance Center
  • The MAC's YouTube Channel: Assessing Student Learning through Insights- Tyler Johnston, Lance Williams, Jonathan Sandoval, Math Assistance Center
  • Time and Topic Mastery in ALEKS PPL: What's the Return for Students?- Rainier Kouajiep, Lance Williams, Tyler Johnston, Jonathan Sandoval, Math Assistance Center
  • @YSUOneStop: Achieving Student Learning through Social Media- Carrie Stipanovich, Penguin Service Center


Academic Entries

  • Applying Experiential Learning in SCWK 3737: Social Work Methods with Groups - Andrea Barrick, Social Work

  • Assessing the Impact of Pain on Learning of Veteran Students - Weiqing Ge, Physical Therapy
  • ALEKS with a "K" Designing a Corequisite Model of Instruction through Adaptive Learning - Lance Williams & Eleanor Klucinec, Mathematics & Statistics - First Place, Academic Poster

Co-Curricular Entries

  • Assessment in the Student One Stop - Maura Picciano & Tysa Egleton, Student One Stop, First Place, Co-Curricular Poster
  • Factors Influencing Student Satisfaction Ratings at the MAC - Lance Williams & Grace Barnes, Math Assistance Center
  • Investigating Factors of Student Success at the MAC - Lance Williams & Rahatu Alasane, Math Assistance Center
  • Triangulating Trends & Technology: Improving the Math Assistance Center through Data Analytics - Lance Wiliams & Julie Seitz, Math Assistance Center


Co-Curricular Entries

  • Putting the Creative into the Writing Center -Carly Carcelli, Amanda Miller, and Angela Messenger, YSU Writing Center, First Place, Co-Curricular Poster

Academic Entries

  • Using 3D Printing to Introduce Design Concepts in a Cornerstone Project -Andrew Morgan and Kerry Meyers, Engineering

  • Youngstown Design Works: Assessment of Students & Clients -Robert Thompson, Art, First Place, Academic Poster


Academic Entries

  • Curriculum Maps Indicate Strengths and Areas of Improvement in Psychology Curriculum - Molly Jameson Cox, Kristen Osiniak, and Michael Raulin, Department of Psychology, First Place, Academic Poster
  • Helping Student Veterans Persist to Graduation - Mari Alschuler, Rick Williams, and Jessica Yarab, Social Work and Veterans Affairs
  • Maps and Rubrics: Good for Faculty and Students Too - John Hazy, Rick Rogers, Susan Clutter, and Rob Wardle, Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences
  • The Surprising Benefits of Resiliency Training - Marsha Huber, Accounting and Finance
  • Using Assessment to Address Student Deficiencies in Public Health - Keisha Robinson, Department of Health Professions
  • Assessing Student Learning in a Cultural Competency Course in Doctor of Physical Therapy Program: Integrating Technologies in Active Learning Strategies - Weiqing Ge, Department of Physical Therapy

Co-Curricular Entries

  • Measuring Student Success - Tysa Egleton and Jack Fahey, Student Affairs
  • Preparation for Career Success  - Jennifer Johnson, Career Services
  • Supporting Academically At-risk Students with Mandatory Academic Coaching - Becky Varian and Chris Khumprakob, Center for Student Progress
  • Creative Writing Revolution: Completing an Assessment Cycle  - Angela Messenger, Jason Newman, and David Nickell, YSU Writing Center, First Place, Co-Curricular Poster


Academic Entries

  • BSW Student Competence in Critical Thinking and Engaging Diversity - Azadeh Block and Karla Wyant, Social Work, First Place, Academic Poster
  • Assessment Across the Curriculum: Engaging Adjunct Faculty - Azadeh Block and Karla Wyant, Social Work
  • Assessment of Graphic and Interactive Student Engagement and Critique via Visual Social Media - Robert Thompson, Art 

Co-Curricular Entries

  • Assessment in Crash Day - Tysa Egleton, Registration, and Kathy Leeper, Graphic Services, First Place, Co-Curricular Poster
  • Effectiveness of Student Conduct Process at Deterring Repeat Behavior - Kevin Carmody, Caitlyn Hicks, and Samantha Streb, Student Life
  • We Do More Than Just Play - Joy Polkabla-Byers and Brandy Schumaker, Campus Recreation
  • Engaging Students through Alumni - Mollie Hartup and Erin DeBernardo, Alumni and Events Management
  • Student Success Cornerstone Updates - Jack Fahey and Erin Driscoll, Student Affairs      
  • Thinking Outside the Survey: Using Innovative Methods to Assess Student Learning, Engagement & Satisfaction in Student Activities - Erin Driscoll, Chad Warrick, and Brittany Montgomery, Student Activities
  • Retention Project: Engaging Students Who Completely Withdraw - Carrie DeMarco, Tysa Egleton, and Jessica Sarich, Registration
  • Three Views of Y.S.U.’s Supportive Campus Environment - Margaret Gratz and Karen Becker, Reading and Study Skills
  • Learn Where You Live - Crystal Little and Olivia Cupp, Housing and Residence Life
  • Assessing At Risk Student Default Populations - Melissa McKenney and Elaine Ruse, Financial Aid
  • Fall 2012 to Fall 2013 Retention Rates of First-Year Who Visit a Peer Mentor - Rebecca McMenamin and Karen Graves, Center for Student Progress
  • Analysis of Department of Campus Recreation Incentive Program - LesleyAnne Roddy, Campus 


Academic Entries

  • Assessment in the Arts - Joy Christensian Erb and Rich Helfrich, First Place, Academic Poster
  • Retention Project: Who graduates from STEM @ YSU, who doesn't, and why it matters - Gelan Badr and Kerry Meyers
  • Assessment in the Exercise Sciences - Nicole Mullins
  • Assessment as a Catalyst for Research - John Hazy
  • Rubik's Cube: Unlocking the Mystery of Rubrics - Stacy Doepker and Sylvia Imler
  • Intelligent Expression Across Social & Web Applications - RJ Thompson
  • Engineering ABET Assessment of Multidisciplinary Teams - Kerry Meyers
  • Re-habbing the Didactic Program in Dietetics Curriculum to meet Industry Trends - Zara Rowlands 

Co-Curricular Entries

  • How does use of First-Year Student Services affect first-year students? - Becky Varian and Karen Graves, First Place, Co-Curricular Poster
  • Use of Formative Assessment as a teaching tool delivered through Turning Technologies - Mohammad Jadun
  • Assessing Student Perceptions About Study Abroad Programs - Liz Cavalier and Annette El-Hayek 


Academic Entries  

  • Evolution of Program Learing Outcomes for the BS in Biology - Dr. Jodie Krontiris-Litowitz, First Place, Academic Poster
  • Best Practices in Assessment for Merchandising Fashion and Interior Program - Dr. Pricilla Gitimu
  • Asessment in Nursing: Better Outcomes for Students and Patients - Dr. Nancy Wagner and Dr. Renee McManus
  • Assessment as Scholarship: Researching, Selecting, and Evaluating Learning Outcomes - Rebecca Curnalia
  • It Takes a College to....- Gene Soltis

Co-Curricular Entries

  • Supporting the Misison, Supporting the Students: Assessment in Campus Recreation and Student Programming - Abbie Twyford, Graduate Academic Intern; Joy Polkaba-Byers, First Place, Co-Curricular Poster
  • Keeping Students Engaged at YSU - Robin Sakonyi and Susan Mark-Sracic
  • Utilizing Dashboards for Strategic Assessment & Communication - Erin Driscoll