Stay at Home Wellness Tips

A Quick Word Regarding Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Video 5-18-20



Finding Meaning and Thriving through Pandemic

Nutrition Tips with Chrys 5/1/20

Nutrition Tips with Chrys - 04/14/20

Chrys Zellers sitting in front of window


Nutrition Tips with Chrys

Chrys zellers


Origami with Sam

4 origami butterflies


ann lally Student counseling services

8 ways to manage uncertanty

YSU Dietetic Students smiling for picture

2 students smiling, 1 holding a puppy

CPR Manakin

guys standing for a picture in purple shirts holding basketballs

Girl taking blood pressure from another girl


moms and kids doing a yoga pose

Located in the Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center (near the entrance closest to the Cove), the Wellness Resource Center is the hub of fitness, health and wellness information on campus. Computers are on hand to search the internet for health tips as well as a library of informational books and multimedia for research. Staff on hand to answer any questions and to provide students, faculty and staff with informational pamphlets on many important topics.

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