Club Sports


Egaming Wellness tips with Mason

Mason Edmunds sitting on his couch

Below are a few site you can go to for online gaming

Games online free – each user screenshots end of game to report scores

    • Stream other users playing games
  • pokemonshowdown.comSimulates Pokemon battle
    • Solo player
  • –
  • Need PS4 and to buy “jackbox games” in the Playstation Store ($12.49-20.99)
  • Can have game shown at site via webcam
  • Each game has 4-8 players
  • Game will prompt you with a link and game code to input on your phone
  • Phone becomes game controller

Games on your phone free – all games must be downloaded first

  • Mario Kart Tour
  • Words with Friends 2 (like Scrabble)

Sites that allow you to play board/card games

  • Club Sports Council
    These are our fully active Clubs who compete against other universities all around the country!
    Barbell Racquetball
    Bass Fishing Women's Rugby
    Bowling Men's Soccer
    Clay Target Women's Soccer
    Equestrian Spikeball
    eSports Tennis
    Fencing Track
    Hip-Hop Dance Ultimate Frisbee
    Men's Lacrosse Men's Volleyball
    Women's Lacrosse Women's Volleyball
  • Transitional Clubs
    While these Clubs are recognized by the university as Student Organizations, they are still in the process of getting voted into the Club Sports Council as a fully active member!


  • Expressed Interest
    These Clubs do not currently have a presence on campus, but students have recently expressed interest in starting that process!
    Golf Men's Rugby
    Ice Hockey Wrestling

Hip-Hop Dance Club posing for a Club picture

A YSU Women's Rugby Club player kicking a rugby ball

The YSU Men's Lacrosse Club huddling together before a game

The Fencing Club practicing together