Club Sports

  • Club Sports Executive Board

    Club Sports Executive Board Mission Statement: “The Executive Board represents all Club Sports. The Executive Board is intended to assist with Club Sports policies and procedures, while also developing as professionals, networking with YSU professional staff, and gaining new experiences in administrative roles. The Executive Board members are student leaders and are expected to be of sound mind, moral judgment, and present themselves well on and off-campus.”

    • Executive Board:

      • President: Halle Slater

      • Vice President: David Ristvey

      • Treasurer: Xander Conrad

      • Secretary: Nick Mundy

  • Club Sports Housing Experience Scholarship

    Club Sports Housing Experience Scholarship

    Amount: $1,000/semester ($2,000 for academic year)

    Available awards: 30 for Fall 2024

    15 first-year students/transfer students 15 renewals (see requirements below)

    The requirements are as follows: Must live in University housing Must be a Freshman or Sophomore Must be an active member of a club sport Must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0 Must volunteer a total of 10 hours at Campus Rec events over course of disbursement year

    Renewal (must complete application)

    Must have been awarded the Housing Experience Scholarship in the prior consecutive year. Submit housing application to the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher as of the date of application. Complete five (5) hours of community service for the Department of Campus Recreation. If the cumulative GPA falls below a 3.0, then the award recipient will be offered an opportunity to appeal their scholarship renewal to the Coordinator of Club Sports and Summer Camps. All appeal approvals will be granted by the Director of Campus Rec.

    Failure to meet these standards will result in the loss of the Housing Experience Scholarship.

    Note: The Housing Experience Scholarship is a scholarship of $1,000/semester ($2,000/year) awarded by the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to assist with housing expenses. The Department of Campus Recreation will review applications and provide recommendations of recipients on a “first come, first serve” basis. However, the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships will make the final decision based on the department’s academic standards. The award is renewable for two consecutive years and is based on satisfactory performance. This scholarship is not contingent upon a student’s skill or athletic ability. The Club Sport participant/Housing Experience Scholarship recipient will be held to the aforementioned standards listed above by the Department of Campus Recreation.

    Requirements: minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.0

    The Housing Experience Scholarship is for exclusive for Club Sports participants. An application is required for consideration. This award may not be combined with other Housing Experiences awards on campus.

    To Apply:

  • Upcoming Programs
    • Archery
      • NFAA Great Lakes
        • 2/23/24 - 2/24/24, On Target Outfitters
      • Flint Round Mail In
        • 3/17/24, On Target Outfitters
    • Hip Hop
      • Dance Competition
        • 2/10/24, Kent State University
    • Men's Basketball
      • vs Carnegie Mellon University
        • 2/18/24, Stambaugh Gym
    • Men's Volleyball
      • ECVA Tournament
        • 2/10/24, Grove City College
    • Women's Soccer
      • vs Bowling Green
        • 3/23/24, Bowling Green State University
      • vs Duquesne
        • 4/7/24, Duquesne University
      • vs John Carroll
        • 4/14/24, John Carroll University
      • vs Slippery Rock, Kent State
        • 4/21/24, YSU
    • Women's Volleyball
      • vs Clarion University
        • 2/24/24, Clarion University
      • vs Case Western
        • 4/13/24, Case Western University



  • Current Club Sports
    These are our fully active Clubs who compete against other universities all around the country!
    • Archery
    • Baseball
    • Bass Fishing
    • Bowling
    • Brazilian-Jiu Jitsu
    • Clay Target 
    • Equestrian 
    • Esports
    • Fencing
    • Men's Golf 
    • Men's Basketball
    • Hip Hop Dance 
    • Women's Rugby
    • Men's Soccer
    • Women's Soccer
    • Women's Softball
    • Tennis
    • Ultimate Frisbee
    • Men's Volleyball
    • Women's Volleyball
  • Expressed Interest

    These clubs do not currently have a presence on campus, but students have recently expressed interest in starting the process! 

    • Ice Hockey 

    • Running

    • Cornhole

    • Women's Basketball

  • Club Sports Resources