Campus Rec Center Job Descriptions

The Department Of Campus Recreation Student Employment Positions

Qualifications: Must be a YSU student in good academic standing (GPA > 2.0), enrolled for a minimum of 6 credit hours, enthusiastic and willing to help others. Must be, or willing to be, certified in CPR/First Aid.

Additional Responsibilities: Maintain on - going communication by checking and responding to weekly email messages
and mailbox contents. Must maintain CPR and First Aid Certification, attend semester trainings, and staff meetings as needed, as well as other duties as assigned.



Monitor the usage of the facility, exercise equipment, and programs during hours of operations. This includes: developing and/or implementing fitness & wellness programs, assisting in the daily maintenance of the equipment and facility, ensuring safety and security for our staff and students, and enforcing all policies and procedures of Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center. Assist in fitness orientations. Supervisor positions available with experience and promotion.



The Wellness Resource Center (WRC) staff member assists patrons of the Department of Campus Recreation register for fitness assessments, nutrition counseling, personal training and incentive programs. The staff members are also responsible for creation and maintenance of wellness related bulletin boards, newsletter articles and promotional tools. They work very closely with the Registered Dietician to record and file all nutritional information for each client. Student employees in the WRC must be proficient at verbal communication and competent in Microsoft Office software. The Student Wellness Resource Center staff member must inform the Fitness and Wellness Coordinator of his/her schedule and availability each semester.



The Student Personal Trainer is responsible for leading YSU students and Andrew’s members of all ages, backgrounds and fitness capabilities through safe, effective and motivating exercise sessions. A Student Personal Trainer helps clients achieve their fitness and health goals through motivation and education. The position will need to demonstrate expertise in personal training through proof of certification by a nationally accredited organization. The Student Personal Trainer must inform the Fitness and Wellness Coordinator of his/her schedule and availability each semester.



The Student Group Fitness Instructor is responsible for leading YSU students and Andrew’s members of all ages, backgrounds and fitness capabilities through safe, effective and motivating group class sessions. The position will also need to demonstrate expertise in the desired area of instruction through proof of certification by a nationally accredited organization. Instructors will need to operate the stereo and microphone properly and maintain group exercise, instructional, and spinning equipment. He/she will also perform daily class announcements, and promote other activities sponsored by the Department of Campus Recreation. The Student Group Instructor must inform the Fitness and Wellness Coordinator of his/her schedule and availability each semester.



Assist in setting up equipment for the evening and weekend activities, sign-in and collect student ID’s of Intramural Teams and cross check student ID’s with semester registered. Assist in examining facility for safety hazards, and provide quality officiating during contests. View and follow the Intramural Sports contest, enforce the rules and oversee the Intramural Sports contest, and ensure participation takes place in a safe manner. Assist in completing any forms that are in need of completing. Assist in closing down the activity area and collecting equipment at the conclusion of the evening and/or weekend activities. Assist in securing facility at the conclusion of the Intramural activity. Students will need to update results online and send out emails through our Simplicity system for league schedule changes and future programs as needed.



Monitors must come dressed for work (Staff shirt, comfortable pants/shorts, and appropriate shoes/river sandals) including looking clean, no ripped clothing, no flats/dress shoes. Assist in helping patrons get signed in, issue gear with initials, help them get fitted in gear, tie them in and belay and coach them to the top. Monitors must be courteous and helpful! Other responsibilities include doing weekly/monthly checks (anchors, ropes, gear) listed on office wall, keeping office clean, sweep and mop floors, and cleaning crash pads before opening and closing. Work special events and assist with teaching clinics on occasion. CPR certification for Professional Rescuer & Wilderness Fist Aid is required and provided. Those hired must go through a belay certification process or pass a belay test before working a shift. This is a 2 week long process and is done on a voluntary basis.



A Teambuilding Facilitator is responsible for leading teambuilding programs. Facilitators must be responsible and professional as they will be representing our department to groups from within and outside the University. Responsibilities include: setting up activities, facilitating group discussion, leading groups ranging in size from 5 - 50 people, instructing proper use of equipment including how to correctly wear a harness, and supervising and facilitating all activities both on the ground and on the elevated challenge course.



The Club Sports Monitor and Supervisor assist club sports participants with a variety of tasks. Those individuals: monitor the usage of facilities, equipment and club sports during practices and competition; provide information to students about the current club sport programs, the process to start a new club, and departmental policies and procedures; conduct marketing research campaigns; coordinate and monitor social media platforms; and execute research efforts to aid in the growth and development of club sports and camps.



The Club Sports Summer Camp Counselor and Supervisor are responsible for the overall health, safety, and execution of Campus Recreation Summer Camps. Counselors: supervise 20-30 children weekly (140 children throughout the six weeks of camp); are knowledgeable about camp policies, issues, and procedures; communicate and coordinate with parents and leadership about departures, arrivals and absences of campers; lead and implement camp programs and activities; attend planning, coordinating, and training meetings leading up to camps; and inventory all camp supplies and equipment.


Applicants must have applied for his/her academic program or be a current Youngstown State Graduate student for interview consideration; must be accepted into program before graduate assistantship offer can be made by Campus Recreation; must maintain good standing within his/her program, maintain a minimum of 9 credit hours of coursework, must be or willing to be certified in CPR/First Aid, possess prior Campus Recreation or related experience. Graduate Assistants will assist in the following:

  • Management and supervision of the facility
  • Programs and staff during hours of operation
  • Scheduling of facility and programming areas
  • Plan and conduct department and area specific staff trainings
  • Distribution of marketing materials
  • Sit - in on various University boards and planning committees
  • Maintain CPR/First Aid certification

Applications for Graduate Assistants are accepted February 1 - March 31 for the following academic year.



Academic related position, paid/unpaid work experience dependent on academic requirements. Please apply one semester prior to desired internship and beginning of the semester for practicum and in-service experiences (most positions are filled on a first come, first served basis). Multiple academic programs accepted.

Youngstown State University does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression, disability, age, religion or veteran/military status in its programs or activities. Please visit ADA Accessibility for contact information for persons designated to handle questions about this policy.