Locker Rental


A limited number of lockers are available for rent by the semester or year. Members may sign up for locker rental by visiting the Administrative Office during posted office hours.
There is no wait list for lockers. They are on a first come, first served basis.
There is no prorating of locker purchase.

Locker rental periods will coincide with membership dates.

Semester rentals coincide with semester dates; beginning the first day of the semester and ending the last day (Friday of finals week).
Annual rentals coincide with membership expiration date for purchased memberships.

All sales are final. There are no refunds on locker rental.
Notices will be sent 7 days prior to shut down and 14 days and 7 days prior to expiration date.
Contents and locks of all rental lockers must be removed by the expiration date unless the rental is renewed.
Contents and locks of yearly rental lockers must be removed by the Friday prior to annual shut down in August  for locker room cleaning.
Policy of goods left behind during shut down or non-renewed locker:

2 staff members will inventory, goods will be placed in a bag and tagged with name, locker number, list of goods, date removed and stapled.
Email is sent that items were removed from locker and stored with Assistant Director for 7 days.
Unclaimed items are moved to Equipment Issue after 7 days.
Items remaining in Equipment Issue are donated after 30 days.

Students are only eligible for semester locker rental. Semester rentals begin the Monday of the first week of school and end Friday of Finals week.
Faculty/Staff/Retiree/Foundation/Affiliate/Expanded/ Alumni memberships are eligible for both semester and yearly locker rental purchase.
Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost, stolen or misplaced items or for those items left behind or not removed before the expiration date or shut down.

Separate Fees for:


Semester rate only - $20 (ends at end of each semester)

No Pro-rating
Staff will escort student down if they withdraw

Faculty/Staff/Retiree/Foundation/Affiliate/Expanded/ Alumni

Semester rate- $35 (ends at end of each semester)
Annual rate- $90 (everything must be removed before shutdown for locker room cleaning)

No Pro-rating (for example, purchase membership July 1, purchase locker for 1 yr in October. Cost is still $90 and locker rental expires with membership in October. 

No  “special rate” member locker rentals

Lost or damaged locks will result in replacement fee (current replacement fee is $25)