2022 Themes

2022 Themes

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Adventures of Pete & Penny SC logo

Adventures of Pete & Penny

June 13th - 17th

All YSU, all the time! The programs will be YSU themed. There might be a surprise appearance from our favorite Penguins on campus!

Under the Sea SC logo

Under the Sea

June 21st - 24th 

Are you ready to take a trip under the sea!? We will be learning about marine life, and how we can keep our oceans clean and safe!

Its a Mystery SC logo

It's a Mystery

June 27th - July 1st 

Get your detective hats on, and dust off your magnifying glasses! We will be solving mysteries all week long through indoor, and outdoor activities on campus! 

Safari SC logo

Safari Zone

July 11th - July 15th 

We're taking a safari this week right here at YSU! We'll be learning all about the animals who inhabit our planet, and how we can treat our planet just a little better.

Lost Galaxy SC logo

Lost Galaxy

July 18th - July 22nd 

Grab your spacesuits! We are taking a trip to outer space this week...or to the planetarium on campus for a special show, and to learn all about space! 

Dinos & Dragons SC logo

Dinos & Dragons

July 25th - July 29th 

Team dinos or dragons? Either way, we are joining forces to make this week rock! We will be visiting the Mineral Museum on campus to participate in various activities!