PCard Program

PCard Information

PCard Guidelines   

PCard Training in Concur

Approver Training in Concur*

Cardholder Training in Concur*

Tax Exempt Information

YSU Blanket Certificate of Exemption

Lowe's Tax Exempt Number

Staples Tax Exempt Number

WalMart's Tax Exempt I.D. Card

The above exemptions apply to all purchases of tangible property or taxable services.

If you would like to suggest any additional businesses, let us know and we will contact them.

FY22 Billing Cycle Chart

July 2021 - June 2022 (Bank of America)*

PCard Forms

The following forms can be found on the Procurement Forms webpage

Application:  PCard and Travel Card

Missing Receipt Affidavit for Card Purchases

PCard Cardholder Agreement

Request for Exception

Suspended Cardholder Request for Reinstatement

Travel Card Cardholder Agreement