Contract Management

The Board of Trustees has updated the guidebook policies pertaining to Purchasing.  Please review Policy 3-01 Purchasing and Policy 3-04 Contract Compliance/Administration for changes. These policies can be found at the Budget and Finance policies website.

The Contract Compliance/Administration Policy designates Procurement Services as the central repository for all University Contracts.

Procurement Services has prepared several guides to answer contract questions:

  • Contract Compliance and Administration Guide*- answers questions such as, “when do I need a contract?”,  “how do I initiate a contract?” and other helpful information.
  • Professional Services Guide* -  provides instructions for preparing contracts for businesses which perform services to the University.
  • Professional Service Agreement Form (PSA) (see Procurement Forms under Contract Management) - use this contract form when entering into a business relationship with the University. Please note that a Professional Service Agreement is not required if the cost is less than $1,000.
  • Independent Contractor Guide* - covers work performed by individuals on campus such as speakers, performers, and officials. Also answers questions related to the payment of travel for non-employees.
  • Quick Guide to Independent Contractors - a step-by-step guide through the Independent Contractor process.


The following Contractor forms can be found on the Procurement Forms webpage under Contract Management:

  • Standard Independent Contractor Agreement (SICA)
  • Professional Services Agreement (PSA)