2021 Project Results

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Construction Projects:

Prevailing Wage Rates Threshold for 2020*


FY 2021 List of Projects, Awardees and Bid Tab Sheets
YSU Project No. FY2021 Project Awardee
Project #014-2122-005 Ward Beecher Science Hall Renovations - Phase 3* B&B Contractors and Developers
Project #024-2122-02 Cushwa Hall Renovations - Phase 3* Murphy Contracting
Project #2122-10 2021 Campus Development - Exterior Ramps, Stairs and Walkways Replacement* Daniel Terreri and Son
Project #2122-04 M30/M60 Parking Structure Renovations 2021* Ram Construction
Project #2122-01 Westinghouse Building/Salata Complex Renovations* United Contractors
RFP #21-111820 YSU Market Research and Brand Planning Under Review
RFP #21-120920 YSU Talent Management System Under Review
RFP #21-020521 Employee Wellness Program Portal Under Review
RFP #21-030521 Rec Center Software System Under Review
Project 2122-13 Kilcawley Center Restroom Renovation Murphy Contracting
RFP #21-041621 Power & Data MMCRU Upgrades Zenith Systems
RFP #21-061621 AV Equipment Installation 42 Event Production Integrated Services