Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable department serves the Youngstown State University community by performing payment and disbursement functions both internally and externally.  This includes external payments to vendors for all approved expenses for goods and services, and internal payments for travel reimbursement, check requests, and others.  We provide professional, efficient and courteous service to our internal and external customers, while remaining in compliance with university policies and federal and state regulations.  ​

Quick Links:

  • Receipts and Invoice Processing in eCUBE
    • Entering a receipt - see the eCUBE Quick Reference Guide, pg. 12 on the eCUBE web page.
    • Approve an invoice - see the eCUBE Quick Reference Guide, pg. 14 on the eCUBE web page.
    • As Per Invoice:  This eCUBE form is restricted to certain types of purchases including but not limited to:  Dues/Memberships, Subscriptions, Permits, Rentals, Emergency Purchases and other qualified purchases.  Normally, a requisition would be entered first to order or request any goods/services.
    • Deposit/Pre-Payment Request:  Use this eCUBE form if the vendor requires a pre-payment/deposit and will not submit an invoice.  Examples include but are not limited to permits, performances, lectures, or rentals.  You must attach any required contract documents and/or any other supporting documentation.  A separate requisition must be entered for any balance due and the vendor must invoice.
  • Check Request:  The primary purpose of a Check Request is to reimburse employees for funds that have been expended to conduct University business.  Check Requests can be used for unique circumstances; when other forms of payment do not fit the situation. However, this is the exception, not the rule.  See the Check Request and the Check Request Instructions on the Procurement Forms web page for additional information.
  • Authorization for Direct Deposit Form on the Procurement Forms web page:  Complete this form to have reimbursement for travel, check requests and other payments due to YSU employees done via direct deposit vs. an operating check.
  • Payment Authorization Form for Multiple Payee List (PAF for MPL) on the Procurement Forms web page:  Complete this form for services completed by multiple payees who are non-employees.
  • Independent Contractors:  The payment process for independent contractors (individuals who are not YSU employees) is detailed in the Independent Contractor Guide found on the Contract Management web page.  All payments to independent contractors must be done through eCUBE per the instructions in this guide. 
  • Frequently asked questions (Coming Soon)

​The following forms can be found on the Procurement Forms web page under Accounts Payable:

  • Authorization for Direct Deposit (Accounts Payable) Form
  • Check Request Instructions/Form
  • Gift Card - Request for Pre-Approval