2020 Project Results

Current Proposals:


Construction Projects:


FY 2020 List of Projects, Awardees and Bid Tab Sheets
YSU Project No. FY2020 Project Awardee
RFP #20-072919 YSU Magazine Printing Services LSC Communications LLC
Project #1920-03 Campus Roof Replacements Rebid Boak and Sons
Project #1718-14 YSU Excellence Training Center* CANCELLED
Project #1920-1 Ward Beecher Science Hall Structural Improvements Rebid* The Murphy Contracting Co.
RFP #20-103119 Water Treatment* Chem Treats
RFP #20-102319 YSU Administration of Medical & RX Benefit Services Under Review
RFP #20-123119 Academic Program Effectiveness and Enhancement Assessment Under Review
Project #1920-17 Pedestrian Bridge Renovations* Under Review
Project #1920-27 Locker Room Renovation* Under Review
Project #1920-30 Academic Area Renovations* Under Review
Project #1718-14 Rebid MVICC Excellence Training Center* Under Review
Project #1920-29 Cushwa Hall Physical Therapy Renovation Phase 2* Under Review
RFP #20-103119 Restroom Renovations* Under Review
RFP #20-021220 On Campus Childcare Services Under Review