Registered student organizations are entitled to raise funds to support the activities and goals of their organization.

The following information is provided to assist you with the process. If you have additional questions, contact the Student Activities Office, Kilcawley 2082, 330-941-3575.

Scheduling Space and Facilities

  • Use of space in Kilcawley Center and Housing Services is coordinated by Staff Offices, Kilcawley Center, 330-941-3577.
  • Use of space in all other University facilities is coordinated by Christina Texter, Office of University Events, located in Tod Hall on the 1st Floor, 330-941-2962.

Sales of Food Items

Complete and submit the “Approval Form for Bake Sales” at least TWO (2) WEEKS IN ADVANCE of the requested bake sale date.  The form should be submitted to the Office of University Events, located in Tod Hall, Suite 120. Bake sales can only be held in the area assigned to your organization by the University Events Office and are held before 5 p.m. on weekdays.  Weekend hours by special permission only.

All bake sales will be subject to inspection by the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety. Sales of commercially prepared food items (e.g. candy bars) are permitted on campus with the exception of Kilcawley Center.

Sales of Non-Food Items

  • The sale of non-food items (e.g. flowers, balloons) is permitted and no formal approval process is required.
  • If you wish to sell items at a designated location, you must reserve space ahead of time. For space in Kilcawley (non-food items only) contact Staff Offices, Kilcawley Center, 330-941-3577. For space elsewhere on campus contact University Events, Tod Hall, Room 131A, 330-941-2962.
  • Students with questions about the appropriateness of a sale item may contact the Student Activities Office for advice.

Sponsoring Social Events

  • Social events for fund-raising purposes should be scheduled whenever possible in Kilcawley Center. Scheduling must be completed at least one month in advance.
  • Contact Staff Offices, Kilcawley Center, 330-941-3577, to identify and reserve space.
  • There is a fee to cover expenses incurred for security provided by the YSU Police. If the event is scheduled during normal University hours and open to only the YSU community (ID required) the charge is $100. If the event is outside normal University hours and/or is open to the public, the sponsoring organization is responsible for the actual cost of security services.
  • Additional service charges may apply to the use of The Hub.
  • A ticket must be sold whenever an organization is going to charge admission to an event.


  • A written request for permission to conduct raffles, lotteries or games of chance must be submitted to the Student Activities Office, Kilcawley Center, 330-941-3575, at least two weeks prior to the scheduled event. Requests can be emailed to Carrie Anderson by filling out the form below:​
  • The request should include details of the raffle, lottery or game of chance including dates, times, cost of tickets, type of raffle, how the proceeds will be used, the source of the prize being raffled (purchased or donated) and any other relevant information. Organizations must also indicate who will be responsible for handling all money and provide verification that the organization advisor is aware that the raffle is taking place.
  • A written response will be provided to the student organization contact person.
  • Following the raffle, lottery, or game of chance, the sponsoring organization must submit a report to the Office of Student Activities verifying completion of the event, accounting for the money that was raised and detailing how the money will be used. By failing to complete this report an organization will jeopardize its opportunity to conduct any further fund-raising events.