Student Leadership Summit Registration Form

Saturday, September 7, 2024

PROGRAM FROM 8:30 A.M. TO 1:45 P.M.

Register for the Fall Leadership Summit through CampusGroups.

Guest Speakers, New Officer Training, Teambuilding, Leadership Styles sessions as well as Roundtable Discussions/Event Announcements will once again be the order of the day as we kick-off the upcoming Spring Semester. 

We encourage ALL registered student organizations to be represented, hoping that one or more (and yes, advisors are always most welcome) officers will make plans to attend the leadership workshop in accordance with Student Activities and Student Government Association policies:

YSU Student Organization Policies (Section B, Number 8) on Registration of Student Organizations states: "After becoming officially registered, a minimum of two organization officers must attend a leadership workshop conducted by the Student Activities Office."

Student Government Association Financial Path (Title III, Section 301, I) “All organizations and University programs must have at least two (2) members attend one (1) Leadership Summit during the fiscal year in order to be eligible for appropriations.  Moreover, organizations and University programs shall not receive appropriations during a fiscal year before they have attended a Leadership Summit during that same fiscal year.”

An itinerary, when finalized, will be sent to you so please include your e-mail address when filling out your registration form.

Student Leadership Summit/Retreat Itineraries
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