Service/Philanthropy Reporting

To enter service information please go to PenguinPulse, YSU's platform for tracking community engagement and connecting students, faculty, and staff with local community partners. If you have questions about PenguinPulse, please email

Service and Philanthropy Guidelines

Student Organizations at YSU complete many hours of service and raise money for various philanthropies each year.  In order to recognize these accomplishments, please be sure to submit individual and group service projects as soon as they are completed in order for our office to have them on file and to be able to showcase your organization’s accomplishments. 

For any service projects or philanthropy events that have been accomplished by an organization as a whole, please use the Organization Service Project Form. Use the Individual Service form for any projects that an individual member of a group has completed on their own that is not related to the organization project.

Community Service Guidelines:

Community service is working for an organization in the community. These hours come from face to face volunteering, constructing items to donate, and other such events not benefiting the organization.

  • Travel time does not count toward hours.
  • Donation of blood constitutes one hour per person and four people do not have to participate.
  • Events cannot include, or be associated with, alcohol, tobacco, or inappropriate sexual conduct.

Philanthropic events include the following:

  • Organizing a fundraiser for charity.
  • Participating in another chapter's fundraiser.
  • Making a donation to charity

In order to successfully report service hours to Student Activities, you must make sure to effectively track the hours at the event. Keep track of the following:

  • The event
  • A brief description
  • The date
  • Who volunteered
  • How many hours each person participated