Policies And Handouts

Student Organization Policies
The University recognizes the importance of student involvement in the formulation of rules, regulations, and policies directly affecting student life. Please use the following guide for student organization policies and regulations.

Student Organization Financial Management Guide
The treasurer position is one of the most important positions within a student organization. This handbook covers the basic responsibilities and roles of the treasurer and contains valuable information on fiscal management. 

Off Campus Party Detail Sheet
Events that are communicated, publicized or advertised as associated with a registered student organization (including descriptions on social media such as Facebook or Twitter) are considered to be sponsored by the organization and are subject to the following requirements. Any registered organization hosting a social event or party must provide the following information to the Office of Student Activities and to the University Police at least two (2) weeks prior to the proposed function.

How to Start a Student Organization
It’s very easy to start a new student organization on campus. Students may form a registered student organization for just about any purpose. Once you have officially completed the necessary paperwork with the Student Activities Office, there are many privileges and services available to your registered student organization.

Advisor Responsibilities
A listing of Advisor responsibilities and roles.

Success as an Organization President
Valuable tips to make your presidency a productive one! How to pinpoint the best meeting time for your group; How to run a great meeting; How to prepare an agenda; Ways to keep your meetings from becoming boring; How to keep current members and, finally, recruitment campaigns to increase your organization’s membership!

How to Prepare your Organization’s Constitution and By-laws
As a student organization, one of your main responsibilities will be to set up a constitution and by-laws that works for your organization. A constitution and by-laws should provide order, purpose, rules and continuity for your group.

Student Travel Policy 3356-8-07
Additional information on Travel Guidelines and Forms are available on the EOHS Risk Management Programs Page under Travel with Students.
Student organization and non-academic groups are approved by the Associate Vice President for Student Experience (or designee).  A designated trip leader must complete the following forms below and obtain appropriate levels of approval before domestic travel.  International travel requires approval a minimum of thirty (30) days prior to travel.

Forms that will need submitted include:

  1. Student Travel Justfication Form (4 Weeks Prior to Travel)
  2. Student Authorization to Travel Form (2 Weeks Prior to Travel)
    1. Student Travel Assumption of Risk Waiver/Emergency Medical Treatment Form (All students and staff traveling must complete for each travel)
    2. Recognize & Prevent Hazing Module (All students and staff traveling must complete this training once)
  3. Confirmation of Travelers form to be submitted by the Trip Coordinator (5 Days Prior to Travel)
  4. Emergency Packet Pickup (1-2 Days Prior to Travel)
    1. Before departing on the trip, the Trip Coordinator will contact the Designated Trip Leader to coordinate a time to pick up the confidential envelope containing the Emergency Medical Treatment Form(s).
    2. The Packet should be returned to trip coordinator post travel.

The Student Government Association can appropriate funds to registered student organizations for travel. Apply for funding.

Guidelines and Responsibilities of YSU Registered Student Organizations for Use of Kilcawley Center Facilities
General Guidelines for Reserving Rooms for Meetings and Events, Planning, Security and Police Fee Guidelines and General Guidelines for Room Usage.

Guidelines for Planning Fun, Safe and Effective Parties
The Student Activities Office has prepared the following guidelines to assist in your preparations. Planning any party is no small undertaking. Part of your considerations should be given to crowd control, your neighbor’s rights, state/local laws and university regulations.


The Rock, located on the campus core outside of Kilcawley Center, has been a space for expression by the YSU campus community since it received its first coat of paint in 1967. It has now been consistently painted for more than 55 years.  

There is not a reservation or approval process for painting The Rock. Individuals and organizations are welcome to paint the rock at any time, understanding that another message or design could be painted over it within a short timeframe. The Rock is the only piece of university property permitted to be painted by persons not affiliated with university facilities management and/or contracted by the university for professional painting services. Persons or entities painting the rock are responsible for the disposal of all waste and will ensure the area is left in a clean condition.  

The Rock is an area of free speech. The university will not cover messages painted on The Rock unless language implies threats or harm to an individual.  The Rock is only to be painted by YSU students, faculty, or staff. Off-campus groups, business, or individuals are not permitted to paint the YSU Rock.

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