Technology Procurement & Use

Technology Procurement:

Procurement Processes:

New Software/Applications:

Currently many thousands of software applications exist on campus. YSU is committed to software license compliance and compliance issues greatly impact the affordability and availability (including location of use) of existing licensed software. please double check software resources page for currently available software prior to requesting or using YSU funds to purchase software. If you are unsure if the software you require is currently licensed and available please contact the IT Service Desk for assistance.

If a software title not currently available at YSU is needed, compliance with ADA regulations must be addressed as part of the software requisition process. Note that purchase of software not compliant with ADA regulations could result in the loss of use of the purchased software. Please check and provide the appropriate Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) for the software product you wish to purchase. Contact the IT Service Desk if you cannot locate a VPAT for the specific software product.

Faculty/Staff Computers and Peripherals:

YSU has standardized desktop and laptop computers for faculty/staff to increase hardware familiarity while decreasing procurement and support costs. Different configurations to meet your performance/price point needs are available on the faculty/staff computers web page.

Lab/Other Computers and Peripherals:

Computers for labs are best configured through discussions regarding academic hardware requirements and the technology environment in which that hardware will exist. This helps to prevent unanticipated performance/functionality/network/security issues. Please provide necessary preliminary information on the lab computers webpage to generate a work order with the TechDesk to begin this process.

Student Purchase Program:

YSU Information Technology Services (ITS) continues to seek out ways for YSU students to obtain technology applications and hardware at the lowest available prices. Please review the links below to determine if available savings are right for you. Don't forget to visit our Resources page for software available to YSU students/faculty/staff.

Limited Need Equipment Loan/Chargeback Program:

Currently in progress; additional information available by contacting the YSU IT Service Desk at ext 1595.

Technology Use:

Removal from Service: