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This video is a walkthrough of the strategies, technology, and resources found on this outcome webpage. It was recorded during the summer Resource Toolkit Workshop Series (July 2020). You can access the video using your YSU credentials. Please contact atkaufman@ysu.edu if you are unable to access the video.

If possible, post all content (syllabus, readings, recorded lectures, links to outside sources, etc.) in your Blackboard course (PDF Tutorial; Video Tutorial; Web Tutorial). If you are not using Blackboard, think about a single location, like a shared OneDrive folder, that can serve as a hub for students to access course content (Video Tutorial). The platform you choose can serve as a single source of truth for the most up to date materials and any changes to due dates. Students need a single reliable source to find course materials, assessments, and grades.

Check out this recorded webinar which highlights exemplary online courses at YSU (password: tPr329BM).