Honors Contract Language

Honors Contracts

An Honors Contract is a way for students to earn honors credit for a non-honors course. The student and professor agree on an extra component to add depth and breadth to the existing course requirements. 

The assignment can be an addition or expansion of an existing research paper, project, literature review, creative work, or experiment. An assignment that substantively and meaningfully adds to student learning that may incorporate any of the five pillars (Research & Scholarship, Global Citizenship, Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Leadership & Engagement, Volunteerism & Service-Learning) is acceptable. Additional ideas for a different type of project to enhance student learning are welcomed.

After discussing the contract with the faculty member, the student will initiate the electronic approval process. 

Statement Options

To inform students whether a contract honors option for the course is available for the course, the Sokolov Honors College is requesting faculty add one of the three option statements to their course syllabus. Choose the option that fits best for your course.

Option 1 – Contract Option Available

Honors students may contract this course for honors credit. Notify your instructor of your interest to discuss options, complete required electronic paperwork, and submit to the instructor by the semester deadline.  

Option 2 – Contract Option Available from Catalog 

A previously approved contract is available for this course. Review the contract in the Contract Honors Catalog available through the Honors College and/or contained in the course syllabus.

Option 3 – Contract Honors Not Permitted

The contract honors option is not available for this course.