Your Fall 2021 Move-In Guide

Fall 2021 Resident Move-In

Summer is flying by and we are excited that you’ll soon be joining us here on campus!  New resident move-in will be held on August 24 and 25 and returning resident move-in will be on August 28.  Prior to moving in, all students will be required to take a COVID test, regardless of vaccination status.  You will not be permitted to check-in and receive keys unless we can verify that you have received a negative result within the past 72-hour window.

Residents will have two options to choose from in order to meet this testing requirement:

  1. Residents are welcome to organize a test on their own accord in the 72-hour window prior to arriving to campus for their check-in date/time
    1. Test can be PCR or antigen
    2. Test can be organized through the vendor of your choice (eg: Walgreens, CVS, physician’s office)
    3. You must obtain official documentation showing your name and negative result, timestamped within the 72-hour window

  2. Residents will be able to arrive on campus during their selected move-in date/time and obtain a 15-minute, BinaxNOW COVID-19 rapid antigen boxed test kit, which is a test that you are able to self-administer after connecting with a telehealth professional via a mobile app called NAVICA
    1. Upon arriving at your residence hall, you will be asked if you have tested and if you indicate that you have not, you will be handed a boxed test kit while still in your car and instructed to take the test before returning to check-in
    2. Students can choose to take the test in their car in the parking lot OR can go and park in the M-81 (opposite the Watts Center) and walk down to the Bresnahan Suites location in Kilcawley Center (access via the main Kilcawley Center entrance at the end of Elm St) where they will be able to take their test in the Bresnahan Suites; a location that provides the comforts of A/C and WiFi.  A RN Case Manager will also be available as a resource should you have questions or need assistance throughout the testing process.
    3. You should allow at least an hour, from start to finish, to download the app, connect with a telehealth professional, self-administer while they watch, and wait for the result
    4. Students who live locally are welcome to stop by the Housing Office (located on the first floor of Kilcawley House) to pick up a test kit in the days leading up to move-in, so that they are able to have it at home to take prior to coming to campus of the day of their move-in timeslot

Regardless of the way you choose to test, you’ll need to sign up for a move-in date and timeslot.  New resident move-in will be held on August 24 and 25 and returning resident move-in will be on August 28.  Please register at the appropriate link below:


NEW resident sign-up
Returning resident sign-up


NEW resident sign-up
Returning resident sign-up


NEW resident sign-up
Returning resident sign-up

COVID-19 Expectations for Move-In

Please visit YSU Coronavirus information page for up-to-date information on YSU’s COVID protocols.  There are a few requirements specific to the move-in time-period, due to the large amount of students (and their families) who will be arriving on campus and at our residence halls during move-in:

  • Unvaccinated individuals are required to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing while on campus.
  • Residents will need to complete a COVID-19 test 72 hours prior to move-in.  This can be taken remotely or on campus, prior to move-in.  In instances where a resident tests positive on campus, if returning home is not an option, the resident will be temporarily assigned to an isolation space on campus for the duration of their isolation period.  Students who test positive before coming to campus should remain home for the duration of their isolation period and stay home until they are released by a physician.
  • International students who aren’t vaccinated will be required to quarantine upon arrival (these students will be assigned a temporary room assignment and meals will be delivered to the room door for the duration of the quarantine)
  • Residents are encouraged to limit their move-in assistants to no more than 2 people.
  • Hand sanitizing and/or frequent hand washing is encouraged.

Please follow all directions from staff and posted signs in buildings regarding entry/exit and occupancy limits.

COVID Testing FAQs

  1. Which test is preferred? The choice is yours, however, we strongly encourage those of you who live a significant distance from campus (beyond two hours) to consider organizing your own test so that you are able to isolate at home if your result is positive.  If you test positive with either option, you will not be permitted to move into your residence hall room until you complete your isolation period and are symptom free.
  2. What if I am experiencing symptoms upon my return to campus?  We ask that you delay your return if you are symptomatic and instead contact your Primary Care Physician to determine the best plan moving forward.  Housing will ultimately require a negative test before you check-in and are issued keys.  If you need to delay your return, we ask that you reach out to us at so we can discuss the best plan for you to check-in once you’re healthy to return to campus.  
  3. Will the person assisting me in moving into my residence hall room also need to test? No, the testing requirement only pertains to our residents who are engaged in housing contracts.  Each resident is encouraged to bring just two people to assist with moving into the residence hall. Those assisting you with move-in efforts will be required to follow social distancing protocol and adhere to the mask requirement if they are unvaccinated.
  4. What happens if I test positive on campus?  What are my options? If you are within reasonable travel distance to return home (within 2 hours), you will be expected to return home to isolate before coming back to campus to move-in.  YSU Housing does provide dedicated isolation and quarantine housing for students who test positive for COVID-19 and cannot safely isolate at home, however, there are a limited number of students we can accommodate at any one time.
  5. What if I don’t want to test? Testing is a requirement of all students in order to check-in and collect keys.  If you cannot complete this requirement, you will not be permitted entry into the halls and should seek out alternate living accommodations for the academic year.  Should you want to cancel your housing contract, you should contact for information on the process.
  6. What if I’m arriving early?  Will I still need to test? Students arriving early will still need to meet the testing requirement and should either arrange a test prior to arriving, or be prepared to take a self-administered test that Housing can provide.  Students will not be permitted to check-in and receive keys until they can show proof of a negative result.  Unvaccinated international students arriving early will be required to quarantine as a precautionary measure.
  7. What if I don’t plan on moving into my residence hall room until after 8/28? Anyone arriving beyond 8/28 will also need to meet the testing requirement in order to receive keys and be permitted to check-in.  Please reach out to us at if you plan on arriving beyond 8/28 so we can let you know your testing options.
  8. Will my RA and Housing Coordinator also take the test? Yes, all live-in staff members, including RAs and Housing Coordinators, will be required to test.
  9. What is Housing doing in response to COVID? The Housing & Residence Life department will continue many initiatives that were introduced in our efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, including:
    1. Continuation of daily touchpoint and evening cleanings
    2. Plexi-glass at all front desk locations
    3. Temperature stations will remain in all entrance lobbies for students to use for self-monitoring
    4. Continuation of additional cleaning supplies to be available for student use in common areas and bathrooms, in between janitorial cleanings
    5. Continuation of waste water monitoring
    6. Addition of specialized HVAC filters in all common areas of the residence halls
    7. Continuation of dedicated isolation and quarantine housing for any COVID-positive students
    8. Continuation of COVID response plan in instances where quarantine or isolation housing needs to be provided, in addition to coordination of care (meal delivery to door, resources provided to students in quarantine or isolation housing (textbook and medication delivery, etc)
    9. Specific staff dedicated to COVID response
  10. Am I permitted to quarantine in my room with my roommate? Yes, if quarantine timelines are the same/very similar.  However, in most instances, you may be assigned to a temporary room to complete your quarantine period BEFORE receiving keys for your permanent room assignment.  In instances where students anticipate the need to quarantine, they should reach out to so that quarantine details can be coordinated ahead of check-in.
  11. If I have to quarantine, will the university provide meals? We have been working in partnership with Chartwells Dining to provide meals for students in registered quarantine situations so that students do not have to leave their rooms to get food.

Packing For Your Arrival

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, where you can see lists of suggested items to bring to campus, versus those that are not permitted.  You can use these to make a packing list.  Before you pack or look at purchasing any items, be sure to talk with your roommate and compare notes. Some items are better shared between roommates like coffee pots, curtains, TVs, area rugs, etc.  Remember, often times, less is more. Make your move-in (and move-out) experience easier by only bringing the essentials.

Pack using stackable boxes and containers, and label each container with your last name, building, and room number. This will be extremely helpful during the move-in process to ensure that your items make it to your room! Plastic bins are also great for storage, can serve as side-tables, and help protect belongings from the elements if you get caught in a summer shower during move-in. While we provide small carts and moving bins, you are welcome to bring your own to assist you with moving belongings and to avoid waiting on one if there are none available when you arrive.

Plan Your Route to Campus

Plan your route to campus by reviewing the directions to your assigned residence hall.

Due to changes in traffic flow onto and around campus during move-in, we ask you to use the directions provided in lieu of GPS directions.

Reserved spaces in the immediate area of your specific residence hall entrance (by check-in tents) are for unloading only and should only be used briefly during your registered move-in time slot. Once you have completed unloading, move your vehicle to the areas designated for long-term parking.  All vehicles should be moved prior to the end of your 1-hour time block.

Residents are welcome to park their vehicles in any mixed or residential lots on campus.  Additional vehicles belonging to those assisting residents in their move-in efforts are able to access long-term parking areas for the registered day of move-in.  Long term parking includes the M-90, M-2 and M-81 lots.  Vehicles without campus parking passes should be gone from these lots by 7:00pm each evening to avoid being ticketed or locked inside gated lots.

  Check-In Process

  1. Make sure you bring a Photo ID (OH State student ID, driver’s license, or passport), which you will need for Check-in.
  2. Residents are encouraged to limit the number of people coming with you to assist with move-in to no more than two (2) people.  Please note that pets are not allowed in the residence halls. Our halls are also smoke-free and tobacco-free (including vape) and these items should not be used in the halls.
  3. Plan travel time in order to arrive, collect your test kit and test (if you have not done this in the 72hours prior to arriving on campus), check-in, and unload your vehicle within your 2-hour appointment slot.
  4. If you’re a Wick House resident, please note you’ll need to check-in and pick up your keys from Kilcawley House.
  5. Once you’re approaching campus, follow instructions we’ve provided to access your specific residence hall. This is a busy time with multiple events occurring across campus, so access to your hall may be limited to a certain route.  Don’t trust your GPS! (See the Recommended Driving Directions for Move-In Day section below for details!)
  6. Park temporarily in designated unloading areas for your building/community, following directions from on-site staff. In several areas, you will be asked to have someone remain with your vehicle or to unload and immediately move your vehicle to long-term parking.
  7. Upon arrival, residents should check in with Housing staff at the check-in tent outside the entrance to their building.  In order to receive your keys and officially check-in, you should have your COVID test results on hand to show proof of negative result, as well as a student ID (or another government-issued photo ID).
  8. While the resident is picking up their key, any move-in assistants accompanying the resident should begin to unload their vehicle. At this time, Housing staff or volunteer Move-In Crew members may be available to assist you in your move-in efforts.
  9. As soon as your vehicle is unloaded, it must be moved to dedicated long-term parking areas.  (See the Recommended Driving Directions for Move-In Day section below!)

What If I’m Moving-In Early?

Early arrivals will be permitted with advance approval, beginning August 15.  An early arrival fee of $27 per night will be assessed for any resident approved to arrive prior to August 24 (the first official day of move-in).  If you are part of an official University group (Athletics, Band, Orientation Leader, etc) you should mention that in your request form.

Students arriving early will still need to meet the testing requirement.  Unvaccinated international students arriving early will be required to quarantine as a precautionary measure.

Request early arrival here

What If I’m Arriving Beyond the Scheduled Move-In Dates?

You are welcome to move-in on the day that best suits you, even if this means moving-in on a day beyond our official move-in dates.  We do ask that you please communicate your plans to so we know when to expect you.

Those moving in beyond official move-in dates will still be required to officially check-in with a Y-Card student ID or government-issued photo ID, as well as proof of negative COVID test result (within the 72 hour window specified).

My Student ID

Upon moving in, students will need to obtain a student ID called a Y-Card.  You can get your Y-Card by visiting the Card Office in Kilcawley Center, 8am-4pm.  A government-issued photo ID will be required to pick up your Y-Card.  

The Y-Card will provide door access to the residence hall you are assigned to, as well as your meal plan.  Meal plans will be active on August 24th (the first official date of move-in).  Until you receive your physical ID, you will be able to use the virtual version of the Y-Card (you should download the YSU app in order to access your virtual Y card).  

Regarding meal plans, ALL students will default to the 12-bronze option and will have until September 10th to change their meal plan. You are able to change your meal plan through the Y-Card portal (  Any upgrades above and beyond the ‘bronze’ plans will be charged to your student account.  Any technical difficulties with meal plans should be communicated to for assistance.  

Students experiencing door access issues should reach out to for assistance in troubleshooting.

Bed & Furniture Adjustments

Our residence halls offer a variety of room, suite, apartment, lounge, bathroom, and hallway layouts. Rooms are typically furnished with extra-long, single beds (standard college beds), chest of drawers and/or a closet/wardrobe unit, microfridge unit (combined microwave, refrigerator, and freezer unit), desks and desk chairs or table and chairs.  Furniture set-up also varies across the halls, with different combinations of standard-height, lofted, or bunked beds in various rooms.  

No bed adjustments will be made in rooms ahead of time.  If students decide, at move in, that they would prefer a different bed height, they are able to head down to their specific desk and place their request with the Desk Attendant.  The Housing staff will make every effort to take care of these (by list order) as time and availability of bed adjustment furniture pieces permit.  

Students with any accommodations that necessitate specific bed and furniture set ups should work with the Office of Accessibility Services to get their accommodations officially on file.  The Office of Accessibility Services will then communicate to Housing & Residence Life, who will make the required accommodation in advance of the student moving in.

Please note that the combination of room configuration and furniture in Kilcawley House does not allow for any bed adjustments in any rooms in that building. Therefore, students with room reservations in Kilcawley House must ensure that they address any needs for specific bed heights ahead of time.  

Am I Eligible to Move-In?

Please use the following as a checklist.  If you have additional or specific questions about any of the following items, you should reach out to or (330) 941 3547 ahead of time to connect with a Housing staff member.

  • Financial status
    • Students must have their housing bill paid in full or have signed up for a University payment plan in order to move in
    • Students in Financial Aid verification will not be permitted to move-in
    • Students are encouraged to reach out directly to Financial Aid at 330 941 3505 to discuss their specific financial situations
  • Immunization status
    • Students who have not uploaded their immunization records to MedProctor OR completed a waiver will not be permitted to move-in
      • There will be a notary public available on campus during move-in who will be able to notarize waivers
      • There will be RN Case Managers available on site during each day of move-in, who will be able to answer specific questions about the immunization requirement in addition to assisting with the creation of MedProctor accounts and the upload process (*please note, you should take care of this AHEAD of move-in in order to be able to receive your keys and officially check-in)
      • Students who have completed the immunization requirement last year and who are returning to live on campus this year, do not need to complete the requirement again
      • Please see further information regarding the Housing Immunization Requirement here
  • COVID-19 status
    • Residents who test positive for COVID prior to moving to campus should remain home for the duration of their isolation period and remain home until they are released from a physician
    • If you test positive for COVID-19 once you arrive on campus and you are not able to return home, you will be assigned to temporary isolation housing for the duration of your isolation timeline
  • Registration status
    • Students registered below full time (12 credit hours for undergraduate students and 9 credit hours for graduate students) will not be permitted to move in

Housing Assignment and Roommate Information

To view your housing/roommate information, please log into the Housing Application Portal and navigate to the Application Status page.  When you log in, click the application link on the black bar, choose the application and you should automatically be directed to this page.  If you are not, it can be found via the blue link on the right had side of your screen above the page menu bar.

This page will show you your room reservation details and occupancy/roommate information.  Please note this is showing your assignment for both fall and spring semester.  To gain more information about your roommate, click the View Profile link.  That pop up will include the YSU email address for you to reach out and contact your roommate.  Please note: if you are in a Cafaro suite, you will see all residents of the suite.  Your specific roommate is assigned to you same room number, with the different bed letter(s).

We realize you may have some initial questions upon learning your room/roommate assignment.  Please read the following FAQs:

Why is my room/roommate different than what I had selected or requested?

There are a multitude of reasons for this.  Some students have made requests for new room assignments or roommates which all factor into your specific placement.  Additionally, some students have signed up as recently as this morning or have made decisions to no longer live in University Housing.  These all contribute into why you were placed where you were.  Please know that we have spent many hours making these placements using the information you provided in your application. It is not possible to meet every request for every student, so we appreciate your understanding.

Why don’t I have a roommate?

Don’t worry!  We will be assigning roommates to non-single rooms on a semi-weekly basis between now and move in.  Please keep checking your housing application portal for the most up-to-date information.

Is this roommate/room assignment final?

We certainly hope so but please know that as students continue to make decisions about their housing for fall semester, it might be possible that you will be assigned a new room or roommate.  We realize this can be challenging so please be sure to check your housing portal often to see if anything has changed with your room or roommate assignment.

Can I request a new room/roommate?

First, we ask that you communicate with your roommate if you don’t already know them.  Our expectation for roommates is that roommates live together while respecting each other.  Sometimes, roommates are not new best friends but instead a person that you live together with in a respectful way.  Please be sure to respond and send emails to your roommates to start your communication with them.  Simply checking their Instagram or Snapchat account is not an effective way to get to know someone.  If possible, we recommend scheduling a video call or even an in-person visit to get to know them better.  We do realize that there can be rare and extenuating circumstances that might warrant a roommate change request.  To make that request, please email

If you and your roommate(s) would like to be placed on a waitlist for a different building you can request that as well to  Please know that we may not be able to make that request, but if we can we certainly will.

Recommended Driving Directions for Move-in Day

Route to Lyden or Cafaro House- Traffic coming from the West

  1. From 422, take the Belmont Avenue exit
  2. Go straight through the light onto Madison Avenue, getting into the right-hand lane
  3. When you cross 5th Avenue, you’ll stay to the right to get onto East Bound Service Road
  4. Continue on East Bound Service Road and turn left onto Elm St once you reach the stop sign
  5. Continue on Elm St until the traffic light on the corner of Elm St and Madison Ave, where you will turn left and pull into an unloading zone for Cafaro or Lyden House (a little further down Madison Ave)

Route to Lyden or Cafaro House- Traffic coming from the East

  1. From 422, take the Wick Avenue exit
  2. You’ll hit a traffic light as you exit 422.  Continue straight through the light, but stay to the right hand side
  3. Continue straight and turn right onto Elm St once you hit the stop sign
  4. At the traffic light, turn left onto Madison Ave, where you will see the unloading zone for Cafaro House or Lyden House (a little further down Madison Ave)

Route from Lyden or Cafaro House to M-81 parking lot (after car is empty)

  1. Follow Madison Avenue to Fifth Avenue and get in the left-hand lane
  2. At the light, turn left onto Fifth Avenue
  3. At the next light, turn left onto Eastbound Service Rd again to pass the stadium
  4. This time, get into the right-hand lane
  5. Turn right into the lot and park where you are welcome to remain, free of charge, until 7pm

*You are also welcome to park in the M-2 lot, in front of the Wick/Weller Houses

Route to Kilcawley House- Traffic coming from the West

  1. From 422, take the Wick Avenue exit
  2. At the top of the exit, turn right onto Wick Ave.
  3. At the next light turn right onto University Plaza
  4. Bear to the right around the traffic circle (with the large silver penguin statue) where you will be directed to pull up onto the boulevard/sidewalk to unload your car

Route to Kilcawley House- Traffic coming from the East

  1. From 422, take the Wick Avenue exit
  2. At the top of the exit, turn left onto Wick Ave.
  3. At the second light turn right onto University Plaza
  4. Bear to the right around the traffic circle (with the large silver penguin statue) where you will be directed to pull up onto the boulevard/sidewalk to unload your car

Route from Kilcawley House to M-81 parking lot (after car is empty)

  1. After unloading at the Penguin circle, continue back down University Plaza towards Wick
  2. Turn left onto Wick Ave and continue straight
  3. Turn left at the second traffic light onto Westbound Service Rd
  4. Continue onto 422 and then get off at Fifth Ave (turn left onto Fifth at that first light)
  5. At the next light, turn left onto Eastbound Service Rd again to pass the stadium
  6. This time, get into the right-hand lane
  7. Turn right into the lot and park where you are welcome to remain, free of charge, until 7pm

*You are also welcome to park in the M-2 lot, in front of the Wick/Weller Houses