2018 Project Results

Current Proposals:


Construction Projects:

Prevailing Wage Rates Threshold for 2018*


FY 2018 List of Projects, Awardees and Bid Tab Sheets
YSU Project No. FY2018 Project Awardee
RFP 18-061617 YSU Janitorial Zone 3* Janco Service Industries, Inc.
RFP 18-080417 Athletic Apparel Equipment Supplier BSN Sports
RFP 18-090117 Elevator Maintenance Thyssenkrupp
RFP 18-092517 Janitorial Supplies* Staples Advantage
Reliable Chemical
RFP 18-101117 Micro Fridge Supplies/Services* Intirion Corporation DBA Microfridge
Project #1718-7 Don Constantini Multimedia Center* Cancelled
RFP 18-101017 Student Health Center* Mercy Health Youngstown
Project #1718-4 Beeghly Center Natatorium Renovations* Murphy Contracting
RFP 18-110817 Carpet and Furniture Steam Cleaning* Brad's Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, Inc.
Project 1718-4-WB Ward Beecher Biology Renovation* United Contractors
Project 1718-33-2 Instructional Space Upgrades Phase 2* Brock Builders
Project 1718-6-2 Campus Development Phase 2 - Beeghly Center Plaza* CPS Construction Group
Project 1718-03-2 Ward Beecher Science Hall* The Murphy Contracting Company
Project 1718-23 Campus Utility Distribution* Marucci & Gaffney Excavating Co.
Project 1718-02-2 Jones Hall Student Success Center Phase 2* The Murphy Contracting Company
Project 18-022818 Preventive Maintenance Strength & Conditioning Equipment Shawn Schumaker Fitness, LLC
RFP 18-030118 Printing Services Game Day Programs* KDC-King Digital & Commercial Offset Printing
Project #1718-41 M30/M60 Parking Structure Renovations 2018* Carl Walker Construction
RFP 18-040218 Window Cleaning* Alexander Window Cleaning
Project #1718-7R Don Constantini Multimedia Center Rebid* The Murphy Contracting Company
RFP 18-050718 University Apparel* Associated Premium
BSN Sports
Select Sportswear
Sherman Creative Promotions
RFP 18-051818 Classroom Scheduling/Event Management* CollegeNET, Inc.
RFP 18-060118 University Promotional Items* AG Print Promo
Sherman Creative Promotions
RFP 18-062518 Online Academic Program Delivery Initiative Under Review