NPC Sorority Recruitment

Discover the benefits of joining one of YSU's four National Panhellenic sororities: Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Zeta and Zeta Tau Alpha. A sorority can offer one of the most enriching experiences of a college or university. They offer their members with opportunities for social, academic, charitable, athletic, and professional gain. Through alumni associations, many sorority members are able to locate jobs and resources that are not available to their non-affiliated peers.  The best part of being in a sorority is the instant connections and friendships you make!

National Panhellenic Council (NPC) Recruitment Process

The social sororities conduct a formal recruitment annually in September. Registration is required along with a $15 fee. Panhellenic recruitment is a mutual selection process. During the Information Sessions interested students will have a chance to get some information about sororities to determine if they are interested in joining. 

Starting with the Open House Rounds, attendance is mandatory to join. During the Open House Round, potential new members visit all 4 of the Panhellenic sororities. After each round, the potential new members rank the chapters in which they are most interested and the chapters submit lists of women whom they'd like to invite back to the Philanthropy Round.

Potential new members visit up to 3 chapters in the Philanthropy Round after which the chapters and potential new members submit their final preference lists. During the Preference event, potential new members attend up to two chapters’ parties. To avoid conflicts with most classes, recruitment events are held in the evenings and on the weekend.

Recruitment Behavior

  1. Potential New Members must attend all scheduled recruitment events. Without a valid excuse for every absence, you will be removed from the recruitment process.
  2. Treat each sorority and member with equal respect throughout the process. Silence your phone and keep it in your pocket or small purse during events, don’t speak poorly about any chapters, etc.
  3. Do not discuss stereotypes, rumors, hazing, reputations, illegal behavior, etc. with sorority members or fellow PNMs.
  4. You may not accept any gifts before or during the recruitment process.
  5. You may not contact sorority members at any time before or during the recruitment process. If you see sorority members during recruitment week in class or on campus, it’s okay to say hi and smile, but don’t discuss recruitment. Contacting sorority members includes text, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat etc. If you have any questions regarding sorority recruitment, please contact your Recruitment Counselor.
  6. Following recruitment events or rounds, you may not discuss personal opinions with other PNMs. Each PNM is entitled to her own opinion and a chapter you did not connect with may be another PNM’s first choice. Respect other PNMs and the chapters, and do not discuss your opinions with anyone aside from your Recruitment Counselor.

Recruitment Attendance Policy

Panhellenic Association has a mandatory attendance policy during recruitment. This means that as a Potential New Member, you are required to attend all chapter events to which you are invited. If you choose not to attend a chapter on your event schedule and you do not have an excused absence, you will be removed from the recruitment process immediately.

PNMs must submit academic or athletic conflicts to your recruitment counselor no later than September 21 at 5:00 PM. While Panhellenic encourages chapters to invite back PNMs who must miss events due to conflicts, there is no guarantee that a chapter will invite you back if you have to miss an event.

At the beginning of each recruitment round you will go into one room with all of the other PNMs and Recruitment Counselors. You will be able to leave all of your belongings here. Each day you will be split into groups with your Recruitment Counselor. Before you enter each chapter room you will be lined up alphabetically by last name. Please listen to the Recruitment Counselors who will be assisting you before the event begins.

Recruitment Daily Selections

After Open House and Philanthropy rounds of recruitment, you will meet with your Recruitment Counselor to do your daily selections. Daily selections are your preferences for which chapters you would most like to return to during the following round.

  1. You will meet privately with your Recruitment Counselor or a member of the Recruitment Team away from your PNM group and discuss which chapters you would most like to go back to.
  2. Once you have decided, you will make your selections with your Recruitment Counselor or member of the Recruitment Team.
  3. Then, if you have a full or almost full schedule, write the chapter or chapters you would least like to return to under “Interest/Rank”. This section is in order, with the higher number meaning the chapter you would least like to return to.

Please remember that selecting certain chapters does not guarantee that you will be invited back and that most PNMs do not have full schedules throughout the recruitment process. Do not discuss your selections with anyone aside from your Recruitment Counselor.