What to Expect During Recruitment


What to expect: Here at YSU, we like to start things off with a couple days where we provide information to you about who we are and what we do. Attending this event lets you catch a glimpse of what sorority women do – and helps you make a decision on whether or not being in a sorority is for you. You’ll also get a chance to meet the Recruitment Counselors: sorority women who are there to help you through the recruitment process.

What to talk about: Ask about Greek Life in general, about individual sororities, or about personal experiences.

What to Wear:  T-shirt, jeans, or leggings and comfortable shoes


What to expect: Get an overview of the sorority recruitment process. Meet your Recruitment Counselor as well as other women participating in recruitment.

What to talk about: This evening is dedicated to answering any questions or concerns you may have. Be sure you are registered and paid for recruitment by the time you leave this event.

What to Wear:  T-shirt, jeans, or leggings and comfortable shoes

OPEN HOUSE ROUND (Day 1 of Recruitment)

What to expect: his will be the first round of recruitment. You will get to meet and greet with members from each chapter. Every group has their own schedule of activities – be prepared to get up and move around! These 30-min-ute events are fairly short and the time will probably whiz right by as you visit all four chapters. Don’t be surprised if you’re greeted with clapping and a song or chant – they’re excited to see you!What to wear day 1

What to talk about: At this point, you’re thinking about being in a sorority; now you just need to figure out where your best match is. Ask questions that will help you learn more about the individual sororities. Tell them about you, too!

- What are your chapter’s academic programs?
- What positions have you held?
- What are some other activities on campus that your sisters are involved in?

What to Wear:  A t-shirt and shorts are perfectly fine but you’re also welcome to dress up a bit. Remember that this is the sorority’s first impression of you so dress tastefully!

PHILANTHROPY ROUND (Day 2 of Recruitment)

What to expect: This is the second round of recruitment. You will be spending 45 minutes with chapters that you have been invited back to. During this round, you will learn about each sorority’s philanthropy and service projects. This round is very importantWhat to wear day 2 to every sorority woman because their philanthropy is close to their heart.

What to talk about: As the day will be focused on the chapters’ efforts to promote their various philanthropies, this is a great chance to ask them what service projects they do on campus. You might just be surprised at what these women can accomplish!

- Tell me about your chapter’s philanthropy.
- What do you like most about your chapter’s philanthropy?
- What types of community service do you do as a chapter?
- What philanthropy events have you participated in?

What to Wear:  Casual tops, pants/nice jeans, comfortable shoes

PREFERENCE (Day 3 of Recruitment)

What to expect: This is the most important and meaningful event of the week. This serious hour long event is where you’ll make your final decision on what sorority you want to call your own. Listen carefully to the words they say and the songs they sing – thatWhat to wear day 3 is where they’ll tell you the essence of their beliefs. This round is often a very emotional step in the recruitment process because each chapter is sharing a ceremony with you that reveals their whole heart and soul.

What to talk about: Pay close attention to what the sisters tell you about their sorority. This is the day when you’ll make a decision that will affect the rest of your life!

- What is your most cherished memory from being in your chapter?
- What made you feel at home in this chapter or why did you choose this chapter?

What to Wear:  Business casual dress or pants/skirt and top, flats, boots/booties, heels

BID DAY (Day 3 of Recruitment Continued)

What to expect: The last and most exciting event of the week! At this event you’ll receive an invitation to join a sorority. Recruitment is a mutual selection process where your Preference card is matched with the sororities’ preferences. After discovering what chapter each Recruitment Counselor belongs to, you’ll get to join your new sisters in a celebratory sisterhood event.

What to Wear:  T-shirt, jeans, or leggings and comfortable shoes