Sam's Club Procedures


The purpose of the Sam’s Club Direct Card is to provide access to quantity purchases, tax exempt, when conducting University business.

  • Procurement Services is  optimizing YSU Sam’s Club memberships in order to streamline the purchase process at these stores, and due to  declining use of Sam’s Club, given other cost effective options such as retail stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Meijer, and online solutions like Amazon and BES Solutions (both eCUBE punchouts).
  • Departments have the option to purchase a Sam’s Club Plus membership for $100 using their PCard.
  • Each Sam’s Club Plus membership comes with 2 membership cards and is linked directly to required YSU tax-exempt documentation for you.
  • A YSU purchase order will no longer be required.
  • A YSU PCard may be used for online or in store purchases.
  • Departments must obtain an original itemized receipt for all purchases for PCard reconciliation.
  • Purchases using the YSU Sam’s Club Direct Card can be made at any Sam’s Club location.
  • Friendly reminder: the Sam’s Club Plus membership is to be used for purchases relating to University business only. No personal use is permitted.
  • If sales tax is charged on a store receipt, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to return to the store to have a credit issued.
  • Note: All current university sponsored Sam’s Club memberships will expire on 9/23/21, so please plan on obtaining your new Sam’s Club Plus Memberships in advance.


Please contact Barb Greene at x1995 or to request a department membership. The YSU Tax Exemption will be set up with the department membership. This will eliminate the need to take a tax-exempt form with you every time. You will be contacted when the membership is ready for pickup.

Updated 9/7/2021