Commodity Codes and Descriptions

Commodities Table
Commodity Code Commodity Code Description
10000000 Animals, Feed, Seed, and Plants
10310000 Fresh Cut Flowers
11000000 Minerals, Metals, and Textiles
12000000 Scientific Chemicals, Gases, and Hazardous Materials
13000000 Rubber and Elastomers
14000000 Paper Materials and Products
15000000 Fuel, Fuel Additives, and Lubricants
21000000 Farming, Fishing, and Forestry Machinery
23000000 Industrial Manufacturing Machinery, Equipment, and Supplies
24000000 Material Handling, Storage Containers, and Supplies
25000000 Vehicles, Boats, Equipment, and Repairs
27000000 Tools and General Machinery
30240000 Rentals, Non-Facility (such as Tents and Portable Toilets)
31000000 Manufacturing Components and Supplies
32000000 Electronic Components
41000000 Lab and Scientific Equipment, Supplies, and Accessories
42000000 Medical, Dental Equipment, Supplies, Apparel, and Accessories
43000000 Computers, Broadcasting, Telecommunication
44000000 Office Supplies
45000000 Printing, Publishing,Photographic, Filming Equipment, and Supplies
46000000 Law enforcement, Security, Fire Protection Equipment, and Supplies
48000000 Institutional Food Service Equipment
49000000 Sports, Uniforms, Camping, Swimming, and Fitness
50000000 Food, Beverage Products, Restaurant and Catering
51000000 Pharmaceuticals, Drugs, and Medicines
52160000 Audio Visual Installation and Equipment
53000000 Apparel, Clothing, Uniforms, and Safety Footwear
54000000 Collectibles, Awards, Timepieces, and Jewelry
55000000 Published Products, Printed Media, Signage, and Accessories
56000000 Furniture, Fixtures, Wall, Window, and Floor Treatments
60000000 Art, Music, Educational Resources, Equipment, and Supplies
78000000 Transportation, Storage, and Mail Services
80140000 Promotional Merchandise and Services
82100000 Advertising
83000000 Utilities, Telecommunications, and Information Services
84000000 Financial and Insurance Services
85000000 Healthcare Services
86000000 Education and Training Services
93000000 Politics and Civic Affairs Services
94000000 Dues and Institutional Memberships, Civil Organizations and Clubs
22000000 Building, Construction Machinery, and Accessories
26000000 Power Generation and Distribution Machinery
30000000 Building Maintenance, Repair, and Operating Supplies
39000000 Electronic system/lighting
40000000 Air Conditioning and Heating Components
47000000 Cleaning and Janitorial Equipment and Supplies
70000000 Landscape Services and Maintenance
72000000 Building Construction, Renovations, Maintenance, and Repair Services
72100000 Construction Renovations/Repair under $200,000
76000000 Industrial Cleaning Services and Hazardous Waste Removal
77000000 Environmental Service Contracts and Pollutant Tracking
80000000 Professional Services, Leases, and Rentals
81000000 Engineering Research/Technology Based Services
82000000 Independent Contractors
90000000 Travel, Lodging and Meeting Facilities
92000000 Public Safety Services
95000000 Land/Building/Structures and Thoroughfares