Academic Program Enhancement and Effectiveness Initiative


Through a Request for Proposals process, APEEI is supported by Gray Associates having developed an information interface with data on nearly all fields of study catalogued in the U.S. Department of Education's Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP). With the Gray Associates platform, it is possible to assess competitors’ program offerings, local and national student demand, and employment opportunities for over 1,000 fields of study. These data are useful in identifying new programs to be considered, and opportunities for enhancing the viability of the current academic programs. Also available via the Gray platform are program economics that supports assessment of the effectiveness and efficiency of academic program offerings. The intersections of market and economic information with the faculty-inclusive development of a program Dashboard that introduces academic program mission related attributes, enhances the overall discussion so as to have an academic portfolio that is vibrant, serves the needs of our communities and is mission aligned, economics aware, and margin sensitive. Most importantly, updating and reviewing the Dashboards annually is the pathway for continuous improvement.

Detailed Overview: Academic Program Enhancement and Effectiveness Initiative for 2022‐2023 and Beyond (Draft)


Mission Aligned. Economics Aware and Margin Sensitive

October/November ‐ OAA/Gray engagement with deans, chairs, and program faculty

Chair engagement with faculty

Familiarization with updated (2021‐2022) mission, market and academic metrics and associated dashboard scorecard. Academic Program Transformation is an ongoing initiative.

Faculty and Staff work within colleges, departments, and programs to continue progress on achieving goals and strategies outlined in the program dashboard; assess new market and economics data.

  • Review new market and academic metrics with each academic department and Elizabeth Akins from Gray Associates if requested/needed
  • Faculty members, Deans, Program Directors/Coordinators, Chairpersons and Administrators will have an opportunity to ask questions, gain insight on data and metrics presented
  • College, Department and Program staff and faculty continue their work to achieve goals and strategies specified last year

March/April ‐ chair engagement with faculty

  • College, department, and program faculty and staff members assess progress on goals and strategies associated with the Mission and Strategic Plan and propose adjustments as warranted.
  • Chairpersons or their designee update dashboards including entering progress on goals, completion dates as well as new goals.

May ‐ OAA assessment and feedback given anticipated recommendations to the Board of Trustees

Early May ‐ Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) synthesis and clarification of information associated with APEEI via deans/chairs, assure faculty understand the status of the process and their program as it relates to APEEI continuous improvement process OAA finalizes any outstanding issues related to APEEI including progress on goals/objectives.

Late May ‐ OAA finalizes any outstanding issues related to APEEI and prepares for upcoming BOT meeting to report on APEEI during the academic year, particularly progress on goals and pointing out movement on University metrics as related to BOT Key Performance Indicators. The above process will be followed each year.

Note: New Programs will be reviewed and assigned an APEEI Rating (Grow, Sustain, Adjust) during the next five-year review after initially accepting students. Current programs will be reviewed and assigned an APEEI rating every five years. APEEI ratings will assigned during the following years: 2024-2025, 2029-2030, 2034-2035; 2039-2040, 2044-2045, 2049-2050, etc. APEEI ratings will be assigned by college deans in April of a ratings year after consultation and with input from chairpersons and faculty. Final ratings will be assigned by the provost in early May of a ratings year after considering input from college deans, chairs and faculty.

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Academic Program Enhancement and Effectiveness Initiative

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