Volunteer Information

Youngstown State University (YSU) welcomes the assistance of volunteers who wish to provide their service, guidance, and insight to help the University and to play a role in the success of YSU’s students. However, use of volunteers must occur within the requirements imposed by federal and state laws regulating employment and immigration and must be consistent with University Policies.  Relevant information for volunteers and University departments is available under our Human Resources Administrative Procedures page.

Prospective volunteers and sponsoring departments should familiarize themselves with applicable University polices including but not limited to Policy 3356-7-44 Background checks for employees and volunteers, Policy 3356-7-50 Minors on campus/background checks, Policy 3356-7-20 Drug-free environment, Policy 3356-2-02 Discrimination/harassment and Policy 3356-2-05, and Policy 3356-2-05 Title IX Sexual Harassment. Policies can be viewed on the University’s Policy website University Policies.

All volunteers are required to complete a Volunteer Agreement and Release form and Release for Background Information form.