Health Care Advisory Committee


One of the primary purposes of the Health Care Advisory Task Force (HCATF), formed in 1993, was to help the University control the ever-increasing cost of health care. The HCATF was formed to include representation from all the bargaining units and the administration. In 2011, the HCAC was created to replace the HCATF.

The Health Care Advisory Task Force (HCATF) was formed in 1993 to assist the University to control an unsustainable health care cost escalation. The HCATF included representation from each of the four bargaining units and the administration.


The charge (created through bargaining agreements) of the committee is to review and assess existing medical, dental, prescription drug, and life insurance benefits currently provided by the University and to explore viable benefit plan options and other cost controlling measures while promoting and enhancing health and wellness. Members of the HCAC may bring forward issues and concerns of which they are aware, representing themselves and their constituents.

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