Welcome to the home page of Youngstown State University (YSU or University) Policies website.  The purpose of this website is to provide easy access to University Policies.

A University Policy is a written directive or governing principle which is formally approved by the University's Board of Trustees and which has broad application throughout the University.  University Policies connect YSU’s mission to actions of the University community, clarify institutional expectations, mitigate institutional risks, and support the University’s compliance with laws and regulations.  It is the responsibility of the YSU community, including faculty, staff, and students, to familiarize themselves with these policies and comply with University policies that affect them.  In addition to University Policies, a department or unit may have policies, rules, or requirements that apply only to that department or unit; however, such policies do not override Board of Trustee approved University Policies.

In order to provide convenient access, University Policies are grouped together by content area:

  1. Governance. Bylaws* of the University's Board of Trustees and policies related to the development and issuance of University policies, rules, and procedures.
  2. Equal Opportunity and Diversity. Policies related to equal opportunity, discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct.
  3. Budget and Finance.  Policies related to accounting, budgeting, purchasing, travel, tuition and fees.
  4. Facilities. Policies related to University property, resources facilities, and health and safety.
  5. Advancement. Policies related to University fundraising, publications, advertising, and media.
  6. Intercollegiate Athletics. Policies related to intercollegiate athletics programs.
  7. Human Resources. Policies related to the work relationship with the University.
  8. Student Affairs. Policies related to student conduct, residency status, veteran/service member students, and student education records (FERPA).
  9. Administration and Personnel. Policies related to public records, student employment, and executive and administrative officers of the University.
  10.  Academic Affairs.  Policies related to faculty hiring, graduation standards, research, and intellectual property.

The numbering system for University Policies conforms to the requirements of the Ohio Legislative Service Commission for policies of Ohio’s public colleges and universities and was adopted by the University in 2014.  Each policy begins with the number 3356, which corresponds to the chapter of the Ohio Revised Code, which established Youngstown State University.  The next policy number corresponds to the content area, as noted above, and the last number is a chronological policy number.  For example, the first policy within the Facilities content area has been assigned the number 3356-4-01 (Smoke and tobacco-free environment policy). Individuals may access the Policy Numbering Outline to navigate between the current and previous policy numbering systems.