Classified Hiring Procedures

  • Position Description
    • Start by contacting the Office of Organizational Development to develop and finalize any changes to the existing, or new, position description.  

    • New Position descriptions are drafted and sent to the Office of Organizational Development for review. 

      The hiring manager should have a discussion with the administrative superior to ensure they are in agreement that the position should be filled and that funding is available.


  • Requisition
    • The hiring manager posts the position in PeopleAdmin by creating a posting from the position description (see below instructions), which is forwarded to the administrative superior for approval.
    • The administrative superior forwards the form to compensation and CHRO where the proper structure and grade is determined. The requisition then moves to budget to ensure the proper funding for the position is available. Once approved by budget, signature approvals are obtained from the division officer or president.

    Instructions and Workflows:

  • Job Posting
    • Once the posting is has been reviewed and approved , the job posting will be finalized by the Office of Human Resources in PeopleAdmin.
    • The position will also be posted on Higher Ed Jobs, and the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) website for no additional charge to the department. These advertising resources feed to multiple other job boards for additional advertisement. Once the position has been posted, the Hiring Manager will receive an email from the Office of Human Resources indicating that the position has been posted, inviting the Hiring Manager to review the postings with the provided link and asks the Hiring Manager to nominate search committee members.
    • Additional advertisement,  if requested, is coordinated in Human Resources and paid by the department. The department will be required to provide a chargeback FOAP number prior to placing any advertising. The Office of Human Resources will contact the appropriate advertising agency or seek information from the requested resource and provide the posting details. A quote will be obtained prior to finalizing the advertisement.  The hiring manager will be able to approve the quoted price before any advertisement is placed.
  • Search Committee
    • Search committees for ACE positions consists of three members. The ACE contract stipulates that at least one ACE member must serve on search committees for ACE positions. Once the position is posted, the Office of Human Resources will notify the ACE President that one member is needed to serve on the committee. In addition to the ACE member, the Hiring Manager will appoint one member to the committee. The final member of the committee will serve at the discretion of the AVP/Chief Human Resources Officer; the Hiring Manager may recommend a representative to be approved by the AVP/CHRO. The Hiring Authority has the ability to name one of the selected members of the committee as the Search Committee Chair.
    • Information to Consider when Selecting Committee Members – It is important that the Hiring Manager contact all potential members of search committees before submitting their names to the Office of Human Resources. Serving on a search committee is a commitment and the Hiring Manager will need to ensure that the nominees have both the time and inclination to serve on a committee.

    The Hiring Manager should select members of the search committee that:

    • Understand and respect the principles of affirmative action and equal opportunity;
    • Have the time necessary to commit to a thorough search process;
    • Are diverse and represent a variety of perspectives;
    • Have the ability to make astute comparisons of applicants;
    • That are willing to complete the training required.
    • Search Committee Chair Responsibilities: The chair of the search committee is responsible for ensuring that the search committee completes its work in a timely manner consistent with YSU policies and state and federal law. This responsibility includes overseeing the work of the search committee including the preparation of evaluation criteria, interview questions and coordinating committee meetings. The chair also serves as a liaison between the search committee, the hiring authority, HR and EOPD.  The search committee chair is also responsible for all appropriate search committee paperwork. The Search Committee Chair Checklist outlines the responsibilities of the search committee chair.  After the search chair is named and notified, they will arrange an initial meeting for the Search Committee. The hiring manager should attend the initial meeting of the search committee to give the chair and other members more detailed information about the position itself and the type of experience and qualifications the successful candidate should possess. The hiring manager should also discuss a timeline with the committee to submit their top candidates for interviews with the hiring manager, as well as how many finalists the hiring manager is expecting to interview. 
    • The search committee reviews applicants based on established criteria.
    • Once the EOPD has moved the requested applicants to the workflow state of interview, the chair and committee may schedule and conduct first round applicant interviews.  Search committees may use Skype or other interview methods for cost savings. The interview is one of the most critical stages in the evaluation process and is generally the first opportunity for the search committee to interact with an applicant and for an applicant to learn about YSU. Behavioral based interviewing is the preferred method for all YSU positions.

    Effective search committees:

    • Introduce committee members
    • Are prepared
    • Let the applicant do most of the talking
    • Stay on track
    • Leave time for the applicant to ask questions
    • Are flexible
    • Are professional
    • Document the interview
    • Avoid prohibited topics (age, race, gender, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender identity or expression, disability, military status, marital status, family status, medical or health issues).

    Review candidates for classified positions that applied during the 10 business days required for classified postings.

    • If the posting is a Promotion/Transfer opportunity and there are 4 or greater qualified internal classified candidates, HR will forward a minimum of 3 internal qualified candidates for the search committee to review and interview prior to requesting an external candidate list.
    • If there are not at least 4 qualified internal candidates the list will be opened to include external candidates. 
    • The list must however, include all qualified internal candidates for interview along with the external candidates.
    • In an Open Competitive posting, if there are at least 4 qualified internal candidates, at a minimum, the top three internal candidates will be interviewed along with the external candidates. If the list is opened to external candidates, all qualified candidates in the applicant pool for classified positions must be reviewed.

    Following interviews and before moving any candidates forward in the process the search committee:

    1. Consistently applies all criteria to all interviewed applicants.  
    2. Spends sufficient time evaluating the interviewed applicants.  
    3. Clearly understands its basis for rejecting or selecting an applicant.

    Instructions and Workflows:

  • Hiring Authority Interview
    • The Hiring Authority then interview's the top candidates provided by the search committee and selects the successful candidate.

    Instructions and Workflows:

  • EEO/AA Review
    • The Office of Equal Opportunity and Policy Development will be notified in PeopleAdmin for approval of the successful candidate
  • Appointment Recommendation
    • The Hiring Manager will kick off the hiring proposal in PeopleAdmin.
    • The Hiring Proposal will be circulated for the appropriate approvals, i.e. Administrative Superior, Dean, Provost, appropriate VP or AVP, and President.

    Instructions and Workflows:

  • Offer Extended
    • Once the Hiring Proposal is in "Make Offer" state, Human Resources will contact the candidate to extend the offer. All offers are contingent on a completed background check performed by HR.
    • The background check form is sent to the candidate through an email from
    • The candidate will upload the form through our secure document upload,
  • Offer Acceptance
    • Candidate is provided an initial start date and a date and time for orientation.
    • Prior to the new employee’s arrival, the Hiring Manager should consult the On-boarding Checklist to ensure all necessary preparations are made for the employees transition into the workplace.A successful on-boarding process sets the foundation for a well engaged employee, who is a champion of the University’s mission, goals and initiatives; is key to maximizing productivity and retention; and enhances a new employees chance to succeed while reducing the level of frustration often experienced when starting a new position.

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