The Office of Human Resources strives to provide resources to help departments achieve operational effectiveness. As part of this effort, the Manager’s On-boarding Checklist provides information to managers and supervisors to assist new employees in adjusting to a new work environment.

Steps taken to ease employees into new roles can have long-lasting effects on job satisfaction, employee engagement, productivity and transforming the new employee into a fully functioning integrated member of the team.

Successful on-boarding is an intentional collaborative effort that encompasses various departments, the Office of Human Resources, and services across campus, all needing to work together seamlessly to welcome new and transitioning employees.

Whether you are on-boarding a new employee from outside the University or welcoming an employee who is transferring from another department, you must plan for the employee’s success in the new position.

A manager’s goal in on-boarding is to:

  • Create a sense of belonging, commitment and excellence in the work environment.
  • Help the employee understand their role in the department and its value to the overall mission of the University.
  • Provide the employee with tools to be successful and strategies to navigate within the new role.

The following On-boarding Checklist includes items for you to consider and actions to take for successful on-boarding in your area.

Background Check Form

Manager's On-boarding Checklist