Starting a New Club Sport

Interested in starting a new Club Sport on campus? Here's the path you can take to get there!

  1. Reach out to us at expressing your interest in getting a club sport started.
  2. Come into our office to meet with us about your vision and ideas for your new Club Sport.
  3. Once we give you the "okay" to move forward with the process, register your club as a functioning student organization on campus through the Student Activities office. You will need five people to do this, so keep that in mind!
  4. Schedule open practices with us for new members to attend.
  5. Work with us to get your club to join a National Governing Body.
  6. Propose to our Club Sports Council to join them as a fully functioning Club Sport at Youngstown State University.
    • The Club Sports Council consists of every officer of all of our fully functioning Club Sports. The Council meets monthly to talk about upcoming events, share challenges with other Club Sports to get other perspectives, induct new members, and vote on current issues. They are led by our Club Sports Executive Board.