General Guidelines

All research projects conducted under the auspices of Youngstown State University that involve the use of living human subjects, samples, or data obtained from them, directly or indirectly, with or without consent, must receive approval from the Institutional Review Board.

YSU now uses Cayuse Human Ethics (formerly Cayuse IRB), an interactive web application, to streamline the IRB submission and review process. As you answer questions, new sections relevant to the type of research being conducted will appear on the left-hand side. Therefore not all numbered sections may appear. You do not have to finish the application in one sitting. All information can be saved. Throughout the submission, you will be required to provide the following:

  • Research instruments (surveys, questionnaires, or other instruments)
  • Detailed Study Information
  • Informed Consent Forms (Informed Consent Examples)
  • Waiver of Informed Consent Form, if applicable
  • Study Recruitment Information
  • Approval letters from other sites where research will be conducted, if applicable

YSU no longer uses the previous IRB Forms. Previously approved protocols will continue to use the paper forms until their protocol expires. If you need a modification or renewal, contact YSU IRB.  


* Cayuse Human Ethics is supported by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.