Continuing Review

Each approved protocol is assigned an expiration date. There are a couple of situations when protocols are required to submit a Continuing Review Form.

  1. If the protocol is longer than one year, the investigator must submit an update via the Continuing Review Form.
  2. In the event the study or research project will need to continue beyond the expiration date, a Continuing Review Request Form must be submitted.

Note: there is no grace period for extending the research past the expiration date. If a study or research project reaches the expiration date before a continuance is issued, all research activities must stop and cannot continue until the Continuing Review is completed an approved by the IRB.

The Continuing Review Form is submitted through Cayuse Human Ethics.

YSU no longer uses the previous IRB Forms. Previously approved protocols will continue to use the paper forms until their protocol expires. If an investigator has any question, feel free to contact the YSU IRB.