Credit By Examination

In high school, students have the option to take a class that is considered "Advanced Placement" to earn credit or advanced standing at most of the nation's colleges and universities. Youngstown State University is a participating institution. Per the Undergraduate Bulletin, credit by examination is available to students who satisfactorily complete the appropriate subject examination.

If the student is already enrolled in college, the student has the option to take an exam to earn credit or advanced standing for that particular college level class.

AP - Visit Credit by Examination AP Information, or Advanced Placement Program

CLEP - Visit Credit by Examination CLEP Information, or College Level Examination Program.

IB - Visit Credit by Examination IB Information, or International Baccalaureate.

For more information on Advance Placement and Credit by Examination, please refer to the Undergraduate eBulletin.

AP information for previous years can be viewed at:
2020 - AP 2020
2019 - AP 2019

Final Exam Schedule

Instructors administering final exams are required to use the date, time and location (if applicable), as assigned by the Office of the Registrar. Current students should go to our Final Exam Schedule to view a course exam date and time.

Final Grade Report

Grade reports are normally posted on the Tuesday following final exams. Log in to the Penguin Portal and click on the "Student Records" link followed by the "Final Grades" link.  

If you would like to predict your GPA during the semester you can use a GPA calculator. This calculator is not intended to be used for your current GPA. It should only be used to help predict your future GPA! It's easy to use; For each of your classes, choose the number of semester hours and the grade you predict for those classes.


An official transcript is a certified record of the academic work completed at Youngstown State University.  It includes all of the classes for which you have received credit, grades, GPA, and certifications and degrees conferred.   Many colleges and hiring authorities require an official transcript in a sealed envelop with a signature across the envelop seal from the sending institution. Please visit our Official Transcript Request section to place an order (fees apply).

If you are a current student you may obtain an unofficial transcript through the Penguin Portal.  While the Office of the Registrar does not mail, email or fax unofficial transcripts.  Former and current students may request an unofficial transcript in person at the Penguin Service Center or Record's Office (no fees apply).