Performance Management Series

The Performance Management Series (PM) is designed to help managers understand how to communicate with employees about their contribution to the overall success of the organization's strategy and goals. This connection makes sure employees know what is expected therefore keeping them focused on the most impactful activities that provide real value to the University.  

The PM Series curriculum consists of seven programs which are offered online and face-to-face over a period of one year.  Online courses are presented in Impact Solutions's Training Center.  Please contact Training & Development for access to the Training Center.  

Employees who supervise one or more non-student employees are welcomed to register to attend the workshops below.  

Communicating for Leadership Success (CLS)

CLS is a pre-requisite for both the Performance Management and Exceptional Leader Series (TBA). During this highly interactive session, you will learn how to use:  A set of skills called Interaction Essentials to conduct effective discussions that meet the needs of your team members and the organization; and effective feedback that encourages team members to keep doing what they’re doing well and provides guidance around what they could be doing better. Explore more about this course including performance objectives. (3.5 CEUs)

Setting Performance Goals and Expectations (online)*

"The manager's success in any organization is based in large measure on the performance of his or her work unit. With a reasonably systematic effort to work with employees, your unit can meet or exceed goals, encourage high performance, and reap positive rewards, while offering new opportunities for development and career growth." - Impact Solutions

Coaching for Peak Performance

Coaching for Peak Performance presents two types of coaching—proactive and reactive—to meet the needs of team members not only after they’ve completed a task or assignment but also before so they learn from their success. The goal of this course is to acknowledge the necessity of both types of coaching to help people achieve peak performance.  Explore more about this course including performance objectives. (3.5 CEUs)

Positive Approaches to Resolving Performance & Conduct Problems

A manager's response to performance and conduct problems can affect the vitality of  their team. This workshop will increase your knowledge to define and identify problem employees or non-performers; assess and confront problem behaviors before more drastic measures need to be taken; conduct successful confrontation sessions; develop  and communicate standards that will ensure high quality performance.

Performance Management at YSU

​Explore and discuss the various performance management tools and forms being used to evaluate employees.  Understand scheduling considerations and exceptions; utilize tools; examine contract parameters which affect performance management.  

Recognizing Employee Performance (online)*

"People need to know when they are doing a good job. They want to know that their leaders notice their efforts and contributions, and that they are appreciated and valued. As a leader, you want to provide this positive reinforcement because it creates a work environment where employees can be motivated to do their best." - Impact Solutions

Conducting a Performance Review (online)*

"Many managers shudder at the thought of performance feedback interviews. It's one of the most challenging and intimidating responsibilities that leaders have. But a performance review is a great opportunity for you and your subordinates to develop a positive working relationship and improve productivity." - Impact Solutions

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