Long Term Disability Insurance


Youngstown State University employees are eligible to participate in the Long Term Disability Insurance plan if they have less than 5 years of Ohio Retirement System service and belong to on of the employee groups below:

  • Faculty – fulltime
  • YSU Police – fulltime
  • Administrative – fulltime and part time (.50)
  • Administrative Excluded – fulltime and part time (.50)
  • Classified – fulltime and part time (.50)
  • Classified Excluded – fulltime and part time (.50)

 Coverage becomes effective on the date the employee becomes eligible.  Voluntary coverage is available after that date for those who are not covered by the state disability plan through STRS or OPERS.

Benefits You Receive

Youngstown State University provides long-term disability income benefits, and pays the full cost of this coverage. In the event you become disabled from a non work-related injury or sickness, disability income benefits are provided as a source of income.

Long-Term Disability

Elimination Period

90 days

Percentage of Income Replaced

60% of monthly income

Maximum Monthly Benefit


Minimum Monthly Benefit