Leaves of Absence


Youngstown State University recognizes that during an employee's career circumstances may arise which may require a prolonged absence from work. Through its leave programs, the university provides for and encourages preventative health care; physical, emotional, and mental well-being; professional growth and development; and civic responsibility.

Some leave of absence information is provided on this page for review however additional leaves may be available depending on your life events.  Employees are encouraged to review their respective collective bargaining agreements and/or university policies to request the leave(s) that are applicable to their qualifying circumstances. 


  • Applying for Extended Leave of Absence

    The Request for Leave of Absence form must be completed, submitted and authorized before any time off is taken. Employees will be required to provide the supervisor or the office of human resources with thirty (30) days advance notice of the employee's intention to take a leave of absence. More information about each of the leaves can be reviewed by selecting the leave in the menu on the right or by referring to the employee's collective bargaining agreement or university policy. 

    1. Review the leaves section of the respective collective bargaining agreement or applicable University policy. 
    2. Complete the YSU Employee Request for Leave Form*, checking the leaves that apply to the qualifying event and submit to the benefits secure upload. If an employee does not have any accrued leave they must complete and submit prior to the leave absence a Request for Unpaid Leave Form*

    After receipt of the form, a human resource representative will review the information provided and respond through email.  Employee must monitor their email for communications about their request.  


    A sample master tracking form may help some employee's with providing an anticipated return to work date.  This form is only provided as a resource for employees to use.  Final leave calculations are completed in the office of human resources and will provided when an official start and end date to the employee's leave is provided. 

  • Returning to Work

    An employee will be required to submit a return to work form BEFORE performing any work after a leave of absence. Forms must be submitted to the benefits secure upload. Upon receipt of the document the employee and their supervisor will be notified of the return to work date for the employee. 

    Return to Work Form and Medical Release Form* 

  • Accrued Leave Use

    An employee is required to monitor and use all accrued paid leaves while on a leave of absence.  Unpaid leave is only available after all accrued leaves are exhausted and approved by the Chief Human Resource Officer or their designee. The employee will be notified through email the appropriate leave codes to use while on an approved leave of absence. 

  • Communication

    While on an approved leave of absence, an employee is required to monitor and respond to YSU email(s) only regarding their leave of absence, return to work status or time sheets/leave reports. 

  • Emergency Sick Leave

    Bargaining unit members who elect to participate in their respective collective bargaining emergency sick leave reserve/bank must follow the application process defined in their bargaining units operational procedures.  Employees who are unsure of their enrollment in their respective collective bargaining agreement emergency sick leave bank reserve status may email benefits@ysu.edu for participation status.  

    More information regarding Emergency Sick Leave Bank/Reserve can be viewed in the  ACE/APAS/OEA collective bargaining agreements*.     

  • Benefits While on Leave of Absence

    Most leave(s) of absences offered to employees are unpaid absences from work.  Through university policy and collective bargaining agreements, some leave(s) of absences require the use of all paid accrued leave before being placed in an unpaid leave status.

    Benefits while using accrued leave

    Payroll deductions will continue for enrolled healthcare coverage such as medical, dental, vision, flexible spending accounts (FSA), health savings accounts (HSA) and voluntary life insurance coverages.  

    Unpaid Leave Status

    Employees on an approved leave of absence that have exhausted all accrued leave will be responsible for the employee and employers portion of medical, dental, vision insurance (only exception is employee(s) utilizing Family and Medical Leave). Voluntary life insurance coverages will be invoiced at the current payroll deduction amount(s).  Employee(s) will receive an invoice from the YSU non-student billing department for the cost of the enrolled coverage. An employee who does submit timely payments may be subject to loss of coverage.   

    An employee may elect to make changes to their FSA while on an unpaid leave of absence.  An employee electing to continue the FSA will have the deductions re-calculated upon the employee's return to paid status. 

    Request for Unpaid Leave Form*


    Employee or employer contributions will not be made to the elected retirement system (OPERS, STRS, or selected ARP) during an unpaid leave status.  Catch up contributions are not available for this unpaid leave of absence.   


Questions related to a leave of absence, may be emailed to benefits@ysu.edu or 330-941-2137 for more information.