Enrich your future workforce. Impact students’ lives.

Employers from all over the country and the world realize the value of Internships and Co-operative educations academic courses. These programs can help employers realize the institution’s organizational goals; giving students hands-on experience and mentoring them will provide the company with an opportunity to build tomorrow’s future. Not only are these programs cost effective for the employer, they also impact the professional development of students, and foster an ongoing partnership with the academic community. We are committed to helping you identify outstanding talent for your organization!
The College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at Youngstown State University with ten departments and over 100 faculty, sees to deliver integrated programs of excellence to an engaged learning community, through outstanding academic programs, the expansion of graduate education, economic development in the community, and K-12 outreach in support of science and math education. These programs have been recognized through many awards and publications, with the most recent being recognition from U.S. News and World Report for being among the best in the world in undergraduate engineering programs.

College of STEM Expo

Get to know our students, gain visibility, and recruit potential hires by participating at Youngstown State University’s (YSU) College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Expo’s. We have two Expo’s a year: Fall and Spring semester. Almost 95% of employers who attended the Fall 2015 Expo said the event not only met their needs, but also that they were pleasantly surprised about the quality of new talent. Not only does the event provide critical face-to-face interaction with potential interns/co-ops and full-time hirers (graduating student)s, it also allows you to introduce your company to the newest cohort of up-and-coming STEM professionals, network with other employers, and meet YSU faculty and staff.
Upcoming STEM Expo Updates

On-Campus Interviews and interview sessions

On-Campus Interviews (OCI)
Employers have the opportunity to screen prospective candidates on campus and learn more about the College of STEM and Youngstown State University

Information Sessions/Recruitment Sessions/Lunch 'N Learn Sessions
We welcome employers to schedule information sessions with our students to foster relationships and bring awareness of their organizations.