Shipping Displays

Shipping Displays/Merchandise Prior to Expo

Do you want to ship your displays and merchandise earlier? Then please make sure you ship your displays to the following address:

Spring 2020 STEM Expo – Thursday, February 20, 2020

c/o Sherri L. Hrusovski, Director
Moser Hall, Room 2095
Youngstown State University
College of STEM
Youngstown, OH 44555

Please notify Trish Wirtz the STEM Professional Services secretary at 330.941.2151 or email her at when you have shipped your displays and/or materials.

Once your materials are delivered we will make sure they are delivered to your table the day of the event. Also, we will have students available during the day of the Event to assist you with your displays and/or merchandise.

Shipping Displays After the STEM Expo

In addition, any recruiter shipping materials at the completion of the Expo must make arrangements for your items to be picked up prior to departing Stambaugh Stadium. Also, so that we might best assist you, be sure to send shipping details to Dorothy Keirsey when they become available (330.941.3202 or email: FedEx/UPS/US Mail are the providers on campus; however, other carriers are welcome. IMPORTANT: Please let your carrier know if it is ground or express pick-up.