About Our Office

A comprehensive STEM education extends far beyond the classroom. We help you get the workforce and research experience you need to offer employers and graduate programs the strong candidate they expect from today's STEM graduates.

STEM Careers, Internships & Co-ops promotes partnerships between students, employers, and YSU faculty.

  • Students & Alumni

    Begin meeting with us as early as your first semester! Preparation for internships/co-ops/REUs and your career should take place throughout your entire undergraduate and/or graduate career. Plan to meet with us at least once a semester to stay on track for your experiential learning and post-graduation plans. Additionally, our services are available to you after you graduate as well!

    Career Advising

    • Immediate: Internships, Co-ops & REUs
    • Long-term: Full-time Positions, Graduate or Professional Program


    • Mock Interviews
    • Interview Preparation Tips
    • Salary Negotiation

    Professional Document Reviews

    • Resumes & CVs
    • Cover Letters & Personal Statements
    • References
    • Thank-You Notes
    • Applications

    In addition to appointments, we can also provide workshops, assistance with events and have access to tons of other resources!


    LATE POLICY & CANCELLATIONS: If you are running late for your appointment, please notify our staff as soon as possible. For 30-minute appointments, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment if you are more than 10 minutes late. For 60-minute appointments, you will be asked to reschedule your appointment if you are more than 15 minutes late. Please notify our staff if you wish to cancel rather than not showing up for your appointment.
  • Employers

    Looking to connect with STEM students or partner with YSU STEM? We offer several ways to bridge the gap between YSU and industry. By attending events such as the STEM Expo or funding a student capstone project, we help coordinate mutually beneficial experiences for both student and employer. 

    Events & More

    • Employer Visits
    • Employer Involvement
    • STEM Expo
    • On-campus Interviews
    • Information Sessions
    • Career Exploration Days


  • Our Professional Staff

    Sherri Hrusovski Headshot.jpg

    Sherri Hrusovski, Executive Director

    Justin Kleemook

    Justin Kleemook, Coordinator

    Quan Tran Headshot_0.jpg

    Quan Tran, Coordinator