YSU IT Workforce Accelerator

Coming Soon!

IT Workforce Accelerator training center at silvestri hall

The IT Workforce Accelerator (ITWA) will be a state-of-the-art IT training center for the region serving K-12, individuals, and companies. The center will also serve any YSU students interested in earning IT industry recognized credentials as a non-credit option. The ITWA will also address the life and career skills readiness skills through badges offered by The Tressel Institute of Leadership and Teamwork.

Established through industry partnerships with IBM, WIA, Cisco and others, the IT Workforce Accelerator now delivers in-demand IT skills training around software development, cybersecurity, cloud, artificial intelligence, networking and telecommunications.

Located at Silvestri Hall, the center will be home to the YSU Data Mine a Data Science for All Learning Community where students of any major and year can learn the foundations of data science while applying their skills with real world corporate sponsored projects. Student will earn up to 4 credit hours per semester for participating in the program.

YSU is a nationally registered apprenticeship sponsor through the United States Department of Labor. While we are focused on expanding opportunities within our region, YSU has the ability to sponsor employer programs across all 50 states. ​

As an apprenticeship program sponsor, our staff can help companies accelerate program design, provide technical assistance and streamline administration. ​

Apprenticeship programs provide an "earn while you learn" opportunity to build skills while getting hands-on experience and mentorship; and, is often referred to as the "gold standard" of work-based learning, given structured approach to learning, hands-on experiences, and direct connections to employment. This program is available to both degree and non-degree pathways.

Benefits for Workers

  • Apprentices can earn a living while learning in-demand skills
  • Nationally recognized credential
  • Career advancement
  • Greater pathway to employability
  • Access to dedicated mentor to help accelerate the development of skills

Benefits for Employers

  • Ability to recruit and develop a skilled workforce-ready pipeline
  • Increased retention and engagement
  • Increased productivity and knowledge transfer
  • Greater opportunity and access to those in under-represented communities
  • Ability to train for skills needed
  • Access to training grants and wage offsets